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Relto Pages (4)

Authored by Isyldar on November 1, 2007
  • Thatched RoofChanges your library roof from some kind of skin, to straw thatch. – Eder Kemo, On top of the tall rock outcropping, near the tunnel.
    Thatched Roof Relto Page
  • Hut DecorPlaces a rug in your hut, and covers the walls with designs. – Teledahn, Sharpers office, near the fishtank.
    Hut Decorations Relto Page
  • Music Player – In an alcove in The Great Shaft (aka The Descent)
    Music Player Relto Page
  • Sun & Moon Page – Currently located in the museum on the middle pedestal between the Museum Age Linking Books.
    Sun & Moon Relto Page
  • The Deciduous TreesChanges all of the pines on the island into oak. – Eder Delin, on one of the gazebo benches.
    Deciduous Trees Relto Page