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Sardines: How to Play

Authored by Isyldar on July 29, 2007

Sardines is a simple, but very fun, and even addicting game to play. :) The game is based off of the traditional “hide-and-seek”, that we all know so well. The twist, is that it’s kind of backwards from our traditional game. In Sardines, you have one person that hides somewhere in a specified Age, or area of an Age (in the case of D’ni Ae’gura, typically), and, when they are ready for everyone else to find them, they start the hunt. :)

Once you have found the person that is hiding, you are required to “sit on the same spot” as they are. (The lack of “collision” for avatars in the game makes this possible.) The player who is hiding tracks the number of people that have found them, and broadcasts the number to the rest of the players, without giving away any names, so as to make tracking people by KI all the more difficult.

When everyone is in, the game is set, and the first person to find whomever was hiding in the last round, gets to hide.

There’s no point-based winnings or any such thing in the current incarnation of the game. It’s mostly just fun to bide the time between episode releases. However, if you’re interested in having a go at the game, track down one of the members of the Sardines’ Bevin, or even zreyasa herself, who appears to be our “fearless leader” and “selfless organizer” of all these events.

Have fun!


  1. I should note that the original rule of the game was that the last person in was the next person to hide.

    However, with the recent advent that it’s sometimes more fun to be the person hiding, the rule was updated. :)

    Comment by Isyldar — September 3, 2007 @ 1:43 am Cavern Time

  2. Oh, and an event more recent addition to the game: a time limit.

    Since there are some of us, such as Nadnerb :) who have a tendancy towards locating really difficult-to-find hiding spots, a time limit has been added to Sardines rounds.

    It can vary from game to game, but the set standard is 15 minutes.

    Comment by Isyldar — September 3, 2007 @ 1:45 am Cavern Time

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