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Bahro Stones (2)

Authored by Isyldar on June 16, 2007
  • Kadish Tolesa (To Palace Balcony) – Near the second parascope / rotating mechanism, in a niche in the wall, you will find this bahro stone.
  • Eder Gira (To D’ni Ae’gura, Tokotah Rooftop) – In Eder Gira, on land near the waterfalls, you will find this bahro stone sitting on another stone.
  • Eder Kemo (To Bevin, Classroom Rooftop) – In Eder Kemo, behind the floating statue thing.
  • Baron City Office (To Teledahn, Stump) – The BCO can be reached from the fishtank in Teledahn, or the brown book in your relto, the stone is in the alcove near the telescope.
  • Gahreesen (To D’ni Ae’gura, Palace Rooftop) – In one of the “conference rooms” in the large building, in one of the chairs to the right.
  • D’ni Ae’gura (To Descent) – In the rubble at the end of the Tokotah Alley.