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Relto Pages (3)

Authored by Isyldar on June 15, 2007
  • Logs & Rocks – In the room adjacent to the KI Dispenser, at the bottom of the crevice in the floor.
    Logs & Rocks Relto Page
  • Dock – In the back area of the island in Teledahn, on the catwalk. You’ll link here using a Bahro stone found in D’ni Ae’gura.
    Dock Relto Page
  • Growing TreeThis tree will grow over time – In Kadish Tolesa, across the rift in the area before you reach the Pyramid.
    Growing Tree Relto Page
  • The WaterfallCreates a nice pool and waterfall on your mountain – Gahreesen, in the prison. Second floor of the large building.
    Waterfall Relto Page
  • The ButterfliesLittle orange butterflies appear and flutter around your trees. – Inside the alternate Kadish vault.
    Butterflies Relto Page