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Relto Pages (2)

Authored by Isyldar on June 15, 2007
  • The GrassCovers most of your island in tall grass. – Eder Tsogal, on the side of one of the tall rocks.
    Grass Relto Page
  • Foliage – Negilahn, on one of the upper viewing platforms.
    Foliage Relto Page
  • The BenchAdds a stone bench, facing the islands – Eder Delin, on of the benches near the linking book.
    Bench Relto Page
  • The ImagerPlaces a D’ni imager, like those found in the hoods, in front of the link in point – In the Great Zero, under the link in point.
    Imager Relto Page
  • Islands – In Bevin, in the Garden of Lights, you’ll find this page on the side of one of the windows, which you can reach by standing on a ledge near it.
    Islands Relto Page