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Bahro Stones

Authored by Isyldar on May 27, 2007

Throughout Ages, and in the Cavern, you will occasionally stumble across stones with odd cloths on them, which look very much like the page in a Book that you Link through. It is common knowledge that these stones have been placed where they are by the Bahro. (Hence the term, “Bahro stones.”

Most likely one of the first of these stones that you will discover is located in Bevin, in the Linking room. This stone will take you to your Neighborhood’s instance of D’ni Ae’gura.

It should be noted that these stones are not sanctioned for use by the DRC, but none of us explorers have run into any serious trouble using them.

Bahro Stone Locations / Details:

  • Bevin (To D’ni Ae’gura) – Located in the Linking Room in Bevin, this stone will link you to your Neighborhood’s instance of D’ni Ae’gura.
  • D’ni Ae’gura (To Teledahn dock) – Located in the blocked off passage on the end of the Ferry plaza. The bahro seem to make this stone available at random, as it is not always accessible to explorers. This stone will take you to the back of the island in Teledahn.
  • D’ni Ae’gura (To Kadish Tolesa) – On the main level behind the Great Library, this stone will link you to the rooftop of the “pyramid” in Kadish Tolesa.
  • Gahreesen (To Bevin Balcony) – In the storage room (adjacent to the room with the KI dispenser), in the locker closest the “window.” This stone will link you to the uppermost balcony in your Neighborhood’s Bevin.
  • Teledahn (To Gahreesen Cell) – In the “storage room” near the catwalk with the gun, underneath the stairs and behind some boxes, you will find a bahro stone that links you to a cell in Gahreesen.


  1. I like the pictures. :) They weren’t quite what I had in mind. They’re better. :D

    Comment by Isyldar — June 16, 2007 @ 6:01 pm Cavern Time

  2. ooh, thanks. :D

    What did you have in mind?

    Comment by Nadnerb — June 25, 2007 @ 7:43 pm Cavern Time

  3. Hmmm…we appear to be missing at least two Bahro stones that I know of…

    Comment by Isyldar — December 28, 2007 @ 1:45 pm Cavern Time

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Bahro Stones (2)

Authored by Isyldar on June 16, 2007
  • Kadish Tolesa (To Palace Balcony) – Near the second parascope / rotating mechanism, in a niche in the wall, you will find this bahro stone.
  • Eder Gira (To D’ni Ae’gura, Tokotah Rooftop) – In Eder Gira, on land near the waterfalls, you will find this bahro stone sitting on another stone.
  • Eder Kemo (To Bevin, Classroom Rooftop) – In Eder Kemo, behind the floating statue thing.
  • Baron City Office (To Teledahn, Stump) – The BCO can be reached from the fishtank in Teledahn, or the brown book in your relto, the stone is in the alcove near the telescope.
  • Gahreesen (To D’ni Ae’gura, Palace Rooftop) – In one of the “conference rooms” in the large building, in one of the chairs to the right.
  • D’ni Ae’gura (To Descent) – In the rubble at the end of the Tokotah Alley.