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October 4, 2009

How much longer?

Filed under: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 9:53 pm Cavern Time

Shorah fellow explorers! First a small update on my personal life:

Well, the summer has passed us by pretty quick. I myself am starting my sophomore year in High School already, and at a brand new school too. A couple of months ago, my dad and I moved down from California’s central coast back to California’s central valley. It wasn’t easy at all adjusting to a new school, there were new friends I had to try and make, and new classes to learn to get to. But I’ve gotten the hang of it so far.

These past couple of days have re-kindled interest in me for the Cavern. Since every day in school I get about a 15 minute break after my first period class, I have time to do whatever I want. Since there’s not much to do during this break period, I decided to read the Miller Brothers’ The Book of Ti’ana again. This time around when reading, I got a better visualization of everything (before the fall) in my head than before. This made me want to know much much more about D’ni than I knew already, including their diet, religion, laws, kings, etc.

This past weekend I began to do a tad bit more of research on some of those things, even though my experiences in the Cavern before its closing taught me a lot about it’s history. I’ve even done research on D’ni language recently, hoping to give myself a better title people can know me by instead of “Macintosh”. It doesn’t at all feel to me as a legitimate last name for use in the Cavern.

Hopefully by the time the DRC decides to re-open the Cavern, i’ll have decided on a new title for myself. Once I have I’ll be sure to let whoever reads this know. I really am looking into making something original sounding, with various words I like and see fit from the D’ni Dictionary combined.

Also I’ve begun looking into some of the guilds, more specifically the Guild of Maintainers. As I looked up their website, I was sad to be reminded that the Grand Masters had gone on hiatus.  Unfortunately since I have no way of getting to the Cavern at the time, there’s no way for me to even practice on how I’d go about making sure ages are stable, even if the Grand Masters were no longer on hiatus. Besides that, the Guild of Writers seems to be on Hiatus as well. I don’t know of any ages that guildsmen have been writing since the Cavern has closed.

However, I did become familiar with one Guildsman’s works. I periodically check the website спалниUrublogs.com and I read one explorer’s journal/blog entries since I find them so interesting.

I think most other explorers are familar with Tweek and his organization D’ni Jazz Club, but I’m not exactly sure how many are familar with him and his age creations. He currently writes frequently on a blog titled “Beneath“. This has actually inspired me to learn more and more about D’ni’s history, and it’s been making me more and more anxious to get back into the Cavern and explore the Ages he’s written. I’m hoping to get to learn more about Tweek and his explorations in the Cavern in the coming weeks.

Well, I think that just about does it for this entry. It may be a while until my next post, but I will never stop thinking about the exciting day I can set foot back into D’ni!


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