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July 28, 2008

Not on the blacklist!

Filed under: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 5:20 pm Cavern Time

Since I think I covered pretty much everything I need to report on the UO forum, I’ll just copy that verbatim, and quote it here:

Shorah all,

First, I must apologize for all the “suspicious activity” over the past few days. The URU Exploration site did get hacked, and had a couple links uploaded to it that were doing some rather nasty things, and caused both Google and certain Internet Security apps (Norton on my box) to flag the site as trouble. The good news, is that I’ve removed the malicious links that were embedded on the site, and the back-end software has been updated, so as to hopefully prevent that from happening again.

I’ve just checked against Google today, and the suspicious flag has been removed from the site:

I’ll be posting about this on the Site News portion of the site as well, and making sure that I get an e-mail sent out to everyone who’s subscribed so that those of you who do stop by can rest assured that the problem is fixed, and that there really are real people behind the site, and not info thieves. smile.gif

I’d also like to add, that the request for a First and Last name entry on the site, doesn’t require your real, personal info. So long as the information is filled in, and looks legit, we’re happy. (For instance, I use, “Isyldar Saaren”). I don’t personally believe that someone who’s hacked the site is likely to go to the trouble of filling in the First / Last name as a part of a confirmation request. Perhaps they will, but if they’re even quasi-lazy, this will help to weed out the real subscribers from the chaff. smile.gif

(On a side note: For the off chance that someone does run into this again with our site, please let me know so I can get it fixed sooner. smile.gif An email to isyldar@uruexploration.net will work just fine.)



P.S. In addition to Nad’s links, http://www.uruexploration.net will also get you to the site.


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