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August 22, 2007

Episode 8: Deception

Filed under: Events,News Journal — Isyldar @ 7:17 am Cavern Time

Episode Release Date: September 6th, 2007

I realize that there is another entry on this topic, however, I wished to bring these photos to everyone’s attention. :) They haven’t posted any text about the upcoming episode; however, my suspicion is that we’re getting a night-time Relto page, and access to the Guild pubs.

NightTime Relto A Guild Pub?

Edit – Scratch that…this has just been posted:

“Deception” (beginning early September)

Despite the ongoing battles of the Bahro and the threat of the coming war, the DRC continues its efforts to introduce a new Guild system to the cavern. Toward that cause, new Guild pubs are introduced providing Guild members with new areas to congregate and socialize.

Meanwhile, Phil Henderson continues to spread information regarding the Bahro and their conflicts as a former DRC member returns to the cavern. What new information does he have to share and will it lead to salvation or destruction?

Be sure to join in now as this episode serves as a lead-in to the Myst Online: Uru Live Season Finale.


  1. So perhaps not a new Relto page, then. But a trip to Phil’s?

    And I’m going out on a limb in regards to the “returning DRC member”…Watson?

    Comment by Isyldar — August 22, 2007 @ 7:25 am Cavern Time

  2. (I’ve guessed at a date for this episode in the Events Calendar.)

    Comment by Isyldar — August 22, 2007 @ 7:27 am Cavern Time

  3. One of my questions about the Guild Pubs…what were they for the D’ni?

    Comment by Isyldar — August 22, 2007 @ 7:32 am Cavern Time

  4. Not sure. Perhaps simple academic meeting places of some sort. Which brings up the question, is the DRC, as in true archaeology, ‘restoring’ D’ni’s physical appearance to it’s former state, or are they simply reforming what the find into whatever suits their needs, and they can hand out to the explorers? Perhaps this explains the lack of historical texts of late. They might be completely irrelevant to the areas that we see today.

    On a side note, I sometimes get the feeling that Uru is a big social experiment, and that Cyan is just playing around, introducing elements and watching our responses.

    Comment by Nadnerb — August 24, 2007 @ 3:58 pm Cavern Time

  5. So if this is divided into episodes and season…does this mean eventually at the “Series Finale”, URU will no longer be availible to play? I Hope not!

    Comment by Alex Macintosh — August 25, 2007 @ 4:41 pm Cavern Time

  6. I do not expect to see a “series finale” unless the entire project gets shut down; and should that happen (again), I expect that once again URU will be hosted on shards by those same die-hard fans that did it before.

    Comment by Isyldar — August 25, 2007 @ 6:28 pm Cavern Time

  7. ^^Would that mean that I’d have to buy the game and use URU Live from that? Btw, Isyladar, I recently had contact with RAWA and He said that he didn’t know if Dr. Watson was coming back or not. He said not to confuse him with Watson.

    Comment by Alex Macintosh — August 26, 2007 @ 2:06 pm Cavern Time

  8. It is at best a guess, and, you’re right, they are different people. :)

    Comment by Isyldar — August 26, 2007 @ 2:42 pm Cavern Time

  9. It would appear that my guess on the release date for Episode 8, was right. :D

    Well, at least very close. (Off by a day.) :)

    Comment by Isyldar — September 1, 2007 @ 6:32 pm Cavern Time

  10. Edit – I’ve adjusted the event calendar days for this post so that it starts on the 6th, and is slated for 5 days. (For what it matters, anyways.) :)

    Comment by Isyldar — September 2, 2007 @ 7:04 pm Cavern Time

  11. Of note: Gametap has this episode listed as launching September 8th.

    Comment by Isyldar — September 2, 2007 @ 7:07 pm Cavern Time

  12. I would expect the true date to be the later one, simply because the trend for release dates has generally later rather than sooner.

    Comment by Nadnerb — September 6, 2007 @ 9:26 am Cavern Time

  13. I would expect the true date to be the later one, simply because the trend for release dates has generally been later rather than sooner.

    Comment by Nadnerb — September 6, 2007 @ 9:26 am Cavern Time

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