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July 14, 2007


Filed under: J'naem's Journal — J'naem @ 11:47 pm Cavern Time

I returned to D’ni yesterday. It is an interesting place, to say the very least of it. Robert and Nadnerb were kind enough to take me through an age they called Minkata. It is a very windy place, filled with pockmarks that look like they must be from meteors hitting the surface.

I really wasn’t sure about the place, given the number of these “craters” there were, all over the place. Robert and Nadnerb didn’t seem to have a problem, however, so I followed along. They showed me how to make use of the journal of symbols that I saw sitting beside the Minkata Book.

I am not ashamed to say that I was absolutely astounded to see what happened at what must have been that world’s version of “nighttime”. I do not know how it is possible. I am, honestly, not sure that I want to know how. That kind of power…is dangerous.

I have, now, completed that Age’s journey. There is still so much of this I do not understand. I think I will have to do some exploring in the place they are calling Ae’gura tomorrow to see what I can find.


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