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May 23, 2007

Event Notes

Filed under: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 9:12 pm Cavern Time

There are more things that I wish to write down, before I forget them, and so that, perhaps, others can make sense of them. A lot of this I have heard from other explorers, or have read in KIlogs; some of it confuses the heck out of me, and the rest of it, really concerns me.

On the subject of Wheely and Rose’ death…

  • Wheely and Rose were last seen around the Great Library before all the commotion started and the DRC blocked access to the Cavern. We are not sure how they ended up trapped in a collapsed room by the Khalo pub.
  • There has been a shot of a Bahro on the Great Library upper story circulating, which was taken shortly after Wheely and Rose were reported missing
  • Wheely told Engberb and the DRC as they were trying to rescue her, that the Bahro was trying to say something… it came out as “no livin.” This was shortly before she was reported dead, but some of the other explorers in URU Obsessions’ neighborhood suggested it might have meant, “Noloben.”
  • Douglas Sharper, a man lucky to be alive by his recount of events on the continent of Negilahn in the Museum Age, has indicated that there appear to be warring factions among the Bahro, and that it is the Bahro in that Age which are the predators that have been killing the wildlife. (Though perhaps killing is not the right word. “Shredding,” by Sharper’s description might be the better word.

All of these points seriously concern me, now that I think about it, as they appear to point at the Bahro as very dangerous creatures. They can kill extremely fast, and even I suspect that the Bahro that was in the collapsed room with the girls may have killed Wheely. Though I cannot for the life of me fathom why.

The good news that might come from all of this, is that one of the factions at least, seems to consider us worth keeping alive, as two of the Bahro dove in to save and protect Sharper as he linked to his Relto.

Still…I am worried.


  1. Worried? If I wasn’t being OOC right now.. I’d be frickin’ scared to go anywhere near that cavern. (ignoring my current absence anyway)

    We know less than ever about the bahro’s motives… We don’t know whether they want to harm us, hurt us, or just don’t give a damn, and we don’t know whether all of them think that, some of them oppose each other actively…

    In short, we know absolutely nothing about their social dynamics. We don’t know what they want, how to help them, or how to stay out of their way. The only thing I think we do know is how to stop them. (I’m referring to our interesting ability to re-imprison them on relto)

    Despite what some people might think, we also know very little of their language. We know how to write a few, single purpose, one word imperatives, and their numbers, that may or may not bind them to do anything at all, depending on how much of “controlling” them depended on the use of that tablet itself.

    All this non-knowledge, except for that one little gem… The can tear us to pieces with so little as a thought.

    Now that I’m done saying that I don’t know anything… :P

    What we have been calling the “inverted 8” has been printed in all the locations that someone or something has been shredded. (In Negilahn, and in the Cave where Wheely was trapped) Does this represent one of the two factions of bahro that we are now assuming exists?

    Also, the cave where Wheely was trapped sounded a LOT like one of the “journey” bahro caves to me. There was a symbol that glowed when touched, and it appears to inhibit linking. Wheely’s Relto didn’t work, and the linking book the DRC lowered didn’t work. It is currently my theory that the bahro’s linking ability might also have been inhibited, and that it was as trapped as Wheely was. (There is, however, no proof of this besides the fact that it did not link during the .. event)

    We also know from Teledahn that the bahro are afraid of.. hanging rocks…

    so here’s an interesting theory.. as the DRC got closer and closer, thinning out the roof above, and eventually lowering things down through a hole, it eventually went completely mad with fear, trapped in a small room with things hanging down above it.

    This however does not tell us why there would appear to be a large group of bahro, essentially hunting Urwin in Negilahn for fun. (I think “Urwin” is plural :P) And why a group of bahro would be concerned enough about Douglas Sharper’s safety that they’d basically get themselves killed to stop their brethren from killing him. :shock:

    Anyway, now that I’m done rambling, tell me what y’all think of that. Feedback is appreciated. :)

    Comment by Nadnerb — May 23, 2007 @ 11:15 pm Cavern Time

  2. I think that, perhaps, I should purchase some body armor on the surface before my next trip to the Cavern.

    Comment by Masoren — May 24, 2007 @ 9:37 am Cavern Time

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