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May 23, 2007

Deadly Event

Filed under: Nad's Journal — Nadnerb @ 11:24 pm Cavern Time

The mood in the cavern is much more somber than it was before. Both Wheely and Rose have been killed. Rose was most likely killed by the collapse that trapped Wheely in the hidden cave, somewhere under the Kahlo Pub.

Immediately following the collapse, a Bahro was seen by a considerable number of people on top of the library. Wheely says that at this point, she had touched a symbol on the wall, which she later described to the DRC and was forwarded to the explorers by Nick. At that point, it also appears that Wheely’s KI has stopped transmitting. The city was closed down as Laxman attempted to remotely activate her KI.

When the link was reestablished, Wheely relayed her current situation, and how she had gotten there. Apparently, there was a bahro in the cave with them. It had touched their Relto books, after which they noticed that they no longer worked. After several hours of digging and emotional text chat between Wheely and Engberg, the DRC rescue team reached the top of the cave. During this time, the bahro in the cave with her had become increasingly agitated. A linking book was lowered into the room, but it appeared to suffer the same affliction as the Relto book. After lowering down some water, and having a prolonged conversation, ResEng233 was lowered into the room. He immediately wanted back out, saying he “didn’t sign on for this”. Shortly after, all DRC chat was moved to a private channel.

Marie Sutherland came to the cavern later to inform the explorers that both Wheely and Rose were dead, and that Wheely had definitely not been killed by the collapse. Two wreaths have been placed somewhere in the city in memoriam…

Since that time, speculation has run rampant. People have speculated that the bahro killed Wheely, though no reason has been given for such an action. It has been speculated that the cave they were trapped in was a “bahro cave” and therefore inhibited linking. If so, then the bahro was also trapped with Wheely. It is my opinion that no serious conclusions can be drawn about the behavior of the bahro or the death of Wheely until we have more information about the reasons behind it.

Anyway, Izy wrote this up better than I did, so I’ll just pop this into my journal. It seems I’ve left my more interesting thoughts on this in my comments on the aforementioned posts anyway. ;)


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