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July 7, 2009


Recorded in: Hawksong's Journal — Hawksong @ 8:58 pm Cavern Time

Well, this is my first post. I suppose I should say hi and introduce myself.
So to that end – you can call me Hawk, or Sonja; I’ll answer to either of those :)
I came to know and love the D’ni worlds kind of late in the game, as it were – my first experience being Myst III: Exile (and on the PS2 version no less). However, that hooked me and from then on I hunted out the two older games, and got hold of new titles as soon as I could.
I have very much enjoyed following the stories of Atrus and his family (and wondered why Cyan didn’t create a “pre-quel” of some kind other than a couple of novels). But I admit, Uru was something I quite fell in love with.
Exploring so many different parts of it was fantastic, and the exhilaration of all these new Ages and the Great Cavern was matched only by the intense frustration of not being able to get into *everything* the way I would have had I been there physically. For me exploration isn’t just about finding the clues and Great Zero points, but also about just plain seeing anything and everything. I read for hours, while my husband wondered what in the world was so interesting. I ate, breathed, slept Uru for weeks.
It still fascinates me. I’ve had dreams where I walked the cracked and broken streets, run my fingers over the smooth marble pillars of K’veer, wandered the paths of Kadesh Tolesa. When the possibility of Uru Live was dangled before me, I resolved to be a part of it no matter what.
Of course, real life interfered with many things. And that went for Cyan as well as my own life troubles. I find myself in the fortunate position of having a stable Internet connection and the ability to keep up with websites of many kinds. So, here I am!

July 7, 2009

New Registration Process

Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 8:12 pm Cavern Time

Shorah Everyone,

This is just an update for anyone who’s interested, or referring anyone to register for the site. I’ve added a few things to save getting registration-spam coming in on the site. (Currently I get about 5 of these fake account registrations a day.)

This new process includes a more comprehensive registration form, which requires the usual username, email address, and a first and last name for the registrant. (These can be the first and last name of your avatar instead of your own name if you like.) It’s also got one of those captcha widgets to prevent the automated scripts, or help prevent the automated scripts from filling up my inbox with registrations. :)

Once the user registers, they’ll get a welcome email, requiring them to confirm their registration, and send myself, or Nadnerb an email. After that’s done, we can get the new member’s Journal set up and account activated, and we’re off to the races!

On the registration form, I’ve also added an invitation code field, that if you’re inviting people to the site, can be used. (Just send me an email to get an invitation code that your invitee can use.)

If anyone has questions, comments, or concerns, just let me know as usual.