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September 6, 2008

Found Riven

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 11:41 am Cavern Time

I found Riven yesterday, I plan on going back today, so maybe I’ll post photos or something for those of you who have forgotten about the age?

September 1, 2008

Possible cavern return!

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 11:51 pm Cavern Time

I’m going to try and save up enough money these next few weeks and see if I can get enough to get myself back to the Cavern. Just being back at the cleft would be amazing. I’d also like to begin practicing in Gahreesen on The Wall if I do get to go back soon. I need to be ready to maintain all the new ages the modern day Guild of Writers shall be bringing us once the DRC returns sometime this fall or winter.  Hopefully it will be much more quicker than anticipated. Maybe this month?