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July 5, 2008

A Letter

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 9:40 pm Cavern Time

It has been a long time it seems, since last I opened this journal. With life on the Surface as consuming as it always is this time of year, I haven’t spared any time for going over my notes of explorations into the Cavern. At least, not until yesterday.

It came in the morning, as all news does, be it good, or bad. A letter, from a friend I have not spoken to in at least a couple of months: Nadnerb.

I will dispense with any semblance of delay as the news I wish to report is good, and wholly exhilerating: The Cavern may be re-opening.  It is not to be as it was in the past: the DRC won’t seemingly be in complete control of what gets worked on down there any longer. I’m not even sure, for truth, if they will even be present in the Cavern. At the moment, I only know that Explorers, in conjunction with the Guild of Writers & Guild of Maintainers, are going to be able to Write Ages…

How this possibly came about, I cannot imagine. The sheer thought of being able to visit an Age that has not first been trampled a thousand times by the DRC, or even the D’ni, is mind boggling, shocking, and dumbfounding. It’s, amazing.

But, with this news, comes more waiting, which I suppose myself and other Explorers are much used to at this point, even if it always frustrates us.  However, this proves, I believe, that with The Cavern, The D’ni, The Art, and Exploration, the ending never truly will be written.

Shorah, everyone. I look forward to when we can again sit by a Heek table and discuss explorations of yet unknown and previously visited Ages.


July 4, 2008

Working on Returning

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 8:47 pm Cavern Time

Well, WONDERFUL news today!

 I guess as everyone knows the cavern is going to re-open again soon! The only problem for me is convincing my dad to pay for my explorer subscription again. If it works, Then I’m afraid I won’t have a choice on leaving Gametap ever again (for the sake of money). I only left because it became boring after a while for me, and life without the cavern was, again, boring. I just wish I can return back to URU once its restored. For the timebeing, if I can, I want to try and buy URU: Complete Chronicles.

Hope to see you all soon again, I haven’t forgotten you!

July 3, 2008

There will be MORE

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,News Journal,Site News — Nadnerb @ 8:26 pm Cavern Time

Cyan has finally reached an agreement with Gametap and they are lining up to restart Uru as “MORE”, or Myst Online Restoration Expiriment, which appears to be based around the idea of user created content (which has become quite advanced on it’s own already) becoming core to the game. Additionally, they (still :P)  intend to release the content creation tools that they used during the development of MOUL along with some source code so that PyPRP and other fan tools can use them for their continued development. They intend to retain central control of the game and keep a single cavern instance, unlike the “shard” model that was used during Until Uru, while still allowing individual game servers to be hosted by more resourceful fans. Today was the day of the “Press Conference” hosted in #CyanChat with Chogon/MarkD (Cyan’s current CTO, former client lead, creator of CyanChat) answering questions about the future of MORE. A condensed version of the proceedings can be found here, and a more complete log here. Guidelines for future conent can be found on the Guild of Messengers site and older guildlines on Cyan’s own legal page.