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March 28, 2008

The Last Week

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 8:28 pm Cavern Time

Hey everyone!

Well, the final countdown is beginning to the night that the Cavern closes for this chapter. It’s not going to be a happy day for any of us, I believe. However, I would love to get everyone from Nadnerb’s Bevin at the least down into the Cavern this week for one last visit!

I will be down there myself a few nights this week (and will be around for some time this Sunday as well), to get in my last explorations and KI shots.

Comment to this post, or email me @ isyldar@urulive.guildaxis.net if you’d like to meet up in the Cavern, or arrange a time for the group to make it.

Cheers, all, and Shorah!


March 28, 2008

URU Trailer, played to a different song

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 6:29 pm Cavern Time

Hey so here’s the link to that trailer played to that song I told you guys about:


Hope Y’all Like it!

March 26, 2008

I’ve left the Cavern…

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 11:34 pm Cavern Time

If no one has noticed, i’m sad to say that I’ve officially left the cavern…

 For good? Who Knows. If the URU project returns and the DRC can regain funding, us explorers may have a chance at coming back. Maybe we can link to the shards of URU, maybe D’Mala or user created ones, or maybe re-gather on URU Complete Chronicles. Whatever happens, I truly hope that the ending has not yet been written, and never will be. As for my personal life on the surface, I’ll most likely take up to reading MYST: The Book of Ti’ana, but I must balance this with school which is more difficult than it sounds at the moment. So in commemoration of URU itself, I’ve created a trailer about Uru that looked and sounded very cool with Steve Earle’s Song “Way Down in the Hole”, which you’ll find somewhat similar in nature to Peter Gabriel’s “Burn You Up, Burn You Down”. I’ll post a link when YouTube’s site goes off of Maintenence and I hope you like it.

I hope everyone has a good time down in the cavern the remainder of its opening. I will try to continue to write in my journal as much as possible. I truly hope we can all meet up somewhere and sometime in the future, in the hot, New Mexico Desert, awaiting for our calling once again…

P.S: In case anyone was wondering, due to the wireless router now apart of my system, Shoutcast will not let me stream Radio Blank through the router for some reason, so I’ve stopped broadcast until further notice…hopefully there can be another way to broadcast…