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December 14, 2008

Cyan plans to Open-Source Uru

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 1:21 am Cavern Time

The mysterious something in the works has been revealed. According to the spokesman review, Cyan Worlds will be putting the future of Uru further into the hands of it’s fans than previously intended, by releasing the source to the game servers, client, and tools, (Weren’t they going to do that to some extent under the MORE plan?) as well as run a dataserver serving the Myst Online content. The difference appears to be that they will not be actually hosting the game servers themselves, but will be allowing the fans to take control of the indvidual servers much as they did during Until Uru, except this time possibly with the ability to further develop the system and fix bugs. 

Discussion of this recent development has begun to accumulate in the various forums, and the news has appeared in a few other places as well. 

Personally, I remain somewhat skeptical, as I don’t see exactly how this would require less work on Cyan’s part than MORE did. However, this is certainly a hopeful development.

December 4, 2008

Still Possible

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 6:33 pm Cavern Time

Courtesy of Nadnerb, who was able to help me set up the Link, I was able to return to The Cavern today with him to poke around. It’s so quiet down there without everyone else from the Surface. More like an echo of URU than the Cavern we all spent over a year exploring.

Still, it is nice to be able to go back. Perhaps there will come a time when more of us can return, and more Ages will be open for exploration.


December 3, 2008

It is troubling

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 10:38 am Cavern Time

I find troubling the sheer number of setbacks that the MORE project has seen throughout its history; not entirely in its current incarnation, but throughout the entire URU legacy. At first, the project got scrapped before it ever hit the light of day, and then it was pulled because the DRC wouldn’t give Explorers the ability to help with the restoration, resulting in stagnant growth, and another funding pull. Now, with that last key piece of the puzzle for the success of exploring The Cavern, to have funding disappear again…

I am sad.


December 3, 2008

Yet MORE Delays

Recorded in: News Journal — Isyldar @ 10:33 am Cavern Time

I suppose that it was naive of me to think that I wouldn’t also be affected by the current economic troubles we’re all seeing in the US these days. Cyan recently released this update on MORE:

MORE Urulive status – Strange times

Sorry for the long silence, things have been quickly shifting in these strange times.

Even though the development of MORE Urulive has been progressing (the new account system is nearly done!), I’m sorry to say that outside events have caused us to put this project on indefinite hold.

The MORE project was not funded directly but was riding on the coat tails of other projects. Unfortunately and very suddenly, a major revenue stream to Cyan was disrupted. The current Wall Street problems have had a significant, although indirect, effect.

We have no alternative than to put this project on hold. The ultimate future of MORE UruLive will be determined over the coming months. If or when moneys become available we will reassess the roadmap at that time.

Currently, Cyan is redirecting its priorities to focus only on fully funded projects. Of which, Myst for the iPhone/iPod Touch is one of and that project is progressing very well.

From all of us at Cyan, thank you for all your support.

November 11, 2008


Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 1:48 pm Cavern Time

Updated the back-end software to the latest version. If anyone happens to notice anything going awry, let me know so that I can fix it.



September 27, 2008

Nightmares of the Fall…

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 10:29 pm Cavern Time

I had a very peculiar nightmare last night. It was truly frightening and here’s how it went

              The day started off dark and mysterious. I was in class as usual but the day was dark and cloudy outside, which seems normal if you live on the Pacific Coast like I do. All of a sudden, a City-Wide alarm went off. Everyone was scared and ran outside the classrooms. A  Fog was headed this way, a light coloured fog that seemed poisinous. Everyone panicked and ran, while the police tried to have everyone remain calm and evacuate the city as quickly as possible. I was able to run home, hopefully to safety. I turned on the TV and a report went on about a disease or virus that was airbourne in a cloud like the one I had saw. I was frightened to death. My dad entered the house and I asked “What are we going to do?”. He replied saying “I don’t know.” I then thought of one thing in this dream gone wrong, D’ni. I suddenly linked without a book to a platform. It was a narrow, brown, stone bridge that seemed of D’ni style. It was sitting out as if floating on nothing and dark was surrounding it except for the bright colours in the middle of the platform which had a firemarble-like glow to it. Strange pillars were on both sides of the middle platform which lead to a linking pedestal. I walked to it and Linked.

             It reminded me as I woke up of the Fall of D’ni. How Veovis poisoined all his people with the help of Ae’Gaeris and destroyed the D’ni Civilization. Everyone was panicked and did not know what to do, and many people had died. This dream has seriously frightened me and I guess I could say I know how frightened the D’ni were to a random terrorist attack like that. I truly hope nothing like this occurs up on the surface, with all the dangerous biochemicals and such, like Anthrax for example.

I can’t imagine how traumatizing this would have been had it been real though…

September 21, 2008

Our time is creeping closer…

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 10:23 pm Cavern Time

Well the first day of fall is officially tomorrow, Monday September 21st. Still not much news on when the DRC is going to allow us back into the cavern. I feel like i’m being pulled to head to New Mexico, but now’s obviously not the time. Well I guess the “new” D’ni political system will be up and running immediately once the DRC green-lights everything. I can’t honestly wait to test out all the new ages the Guild of Writers have been working on. I’m hoping that with the guild system being back up along with the cavern, the DRC will have the Gahreesen Wall open to train Maintainers. Of course, the DRC isn’t going to be running tests or finishing tests on areas in Ae’Gura as soon as the cavern re-opens again, which means that we’ll just have to enjoy the new ages that have been written and experience the true nature of community work to re-create and help restore what was a lost society long ago. Once again, can’t stress how excited I will be to return to the great Cavern and explore once again!


September 12, 2008

Riven Trip

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 10:39 pm Cavern Time

Taking another trip to Riven either tonight or tomorrow morning. Very close to finding out the code combination to the Whark Gallows contraption…

September 6, 2008

Found Riven

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 11:41 am Cavern Time

I found Riven yesterday, I plan on going back today, so maybe I’ll post photos or something for those of you who have forgotten about the age?

September 1, 2008

Possible cavern return!

Recorded in: Alex's Journal — Ah'lex @ 11:51 pm Cavern Time

I’m going to try and save up enough money these next few weeks and see if I can get enough to get myself back to the Cavern. Just being back at the cleft would be amazing. I’d also like to begin practicing in Gahreesen on The Wall if I do get to go back soon. I need to be ready to maintain all the new ages the modern day Guild of Writers shall be bringing us once the DRC returns sometime this fall or winter.  Hopefully it will be much more quicker than anticipated. Maybe this month?