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February 15, 2007

Where have all the Delin’s gone?

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 4:31 pm Cavern Time

The answer to the question for which this entry is intended is simple: The DRC have taken them all away!

I was in The Meeting Place’s Bevin this afternoon during a visit from Victor Laxman, (well, really just at the tail end of it.) It would appear that the DRC has replaced all copied of Eder Delin with Eder Tsogal; and have made a reverse change to a few neighborhoods, but not many. At the time Laxman made the change, he stated that there were only 3 copies of Eder Delin available in the entire Cavern. I do not know where the other two are located.

February 15, 2007

In Tsogal

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 3:52 pm Cavern Time

The puzzle here is very similar (almost identical) to that of Eder Delin. In that, I am not surprised. I am surprised by the age of this Age. Or the apparent miskeeping of it. Looking around, you can tell the entire garden has gone to seed, unkempt as it has been. I do not know why the DRC didn’t clean things up a little more, or even if they did in Eder Delin. Perhaps it was the original owner of this Age that did not keep it up well.

Still, even with the grass overtaking the once-stone paths, and the pools of standing water that must sooner or later give birth to something akin to the mosquito, this Age’s beauty has not been lost. I look forward to exploring this Age with Nad and Robert later on.

I should also note that I think I can solve this puzzle with two people. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try shortly.

February 15, 2007

Tsogal is Released

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 1:57 pm Cavern Time

I have just been to and returned from Eder Tsogal. I am not sure how many hoods have had their Delin book replaced with a Tsogal book, but Nadnerb’s Bevin has. I will include KI shots later.

February 15, 2007

Eder Tsogal

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 1:43 pm Cavern Time

The DRC are releasing Eder Tsogal today. I can tell that everyone knows it by the sheer hum of people talking in the Cavern. A lot of people have turned out for the event. The city is, as usual for a large event, full; and the neighbourhoods are packed as well.

I took some KI shots earlier of the DRC testing the release of the Age. I will add them to this entry later, once I’ve had a chance to download them from my KI.

Anyhow, I think I shall head to Eder Delin to await the release of Tsogal.

February 11, 2007

The Con of Sharper

Recorded in: News Journal — Nadnerb @ 3:22 am Cavern Time

That’s right. He’s back. And just as ready to stir things up as ever. He and Sydney have created the Anti DRC hood, and are attempting to sign up members. In fact, he’ll be holding “lectures” in the UO hood, tomorrow at 16:00 Cavern time. We’ll see what’s up with this. It seems that his real target is Cate, as he hates the idea of making a profit from the cavern. He also states that the DRC is “obstructing the journey” even though they are responsible for restoring the ages that contain the journey. He outlined his plan to build an army, oust Cate, and take over funding the DRC himself. When asked where he had obtained these implied massive funds, he said not to worry about it. It all seemed rather fuzzy and vague to me.. We’ll see what comes of it.

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Well, that’s why he was so badly organized. turns out he was a fake. DougIas Sharper. them forums