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October 11, 2007

Episode 9: Exodus

Recorded in: Events — Nadnerb @ 6:15 pm Cavern Time

“Exodus” (beginning November 1st)

Destruction is coming. Find a way. Make a home.

The words have been repeated many times. Even while the restoration effort begun again and with the release of new Ages, the words were always said. With the resurrection of the D’ni city, the Guilds, the DRC, and new life filling the cavern again, the words continued to hang in the air above the orange waters.

What do they mean?

While many questions have been answered, there are more that remain. What effect will Cate have on the restoration now that the members of the original restoration team have returned? Where will the Bahro war take us? Is the one who originally spoke the words finished with her part in this grand story?

With the release of the new Age of Ahnonay as well as K’veer Island and Myst Island, there will be changes.