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September 8, 2007

Episode 8: Day 1

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 10:19 pm Cavern Time

I spent a few minutes going over the chatlogs that have been posted in The Cavern Today. My summary for today, based on those:

  • phend is either losing his sanity, or smoking a little bit too much “happy plant.”
  • Cate still doesn’t like not getting things released when she wants them, but we should see the Guild pubs and the spy room right away.
  • also, something about us not having the guild pubs right now because of trouble accessing them. wierd.

September 5, 2007

Nadnerb Returns

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 11:32 pm Cavern Time

Well, the hood was mostly cleaned up in time for Nad to return. :) Otherwise, it was a busy day in cooking Er’cana pellets.

Also managed to induct a new member into the Sardines group tonight. Welcome, A’drian / SqueeMeister!

September 5, 2007


Recorded in: News Journal — Isyldar @ 7:38 pm Cavern Time

Okay, everyone!

Nad’s been gone for a couple of weeks now, and the Bevin is a disaster! The Eddie Barrier is broken, the firemarbles are in disarray, the waterfall door to the linking room has been left closed for nearly a week, and there are no new pellet points or images on the Imagers!

So, I’ve put back as many of the firemarbles as I can, and done my best to rebuild the Eddie Barrier. I’m not sure about what we’re going to do with that firemarble that’s stuck in the wall, but…

Help! We need new pictures and more pellet points before Nad gets back. (Don’t want the guy to know that nothing gets done around there when he’s gone…or that he’s missed out on one heck of a Heek party.) ;)



September 5, 2007


Recorded in: Masoren's Journal — Masoren @ 1:59 pm Cavern Time

My journal was not so helpful as I’d hoped in determining which Pod it was that I had not yet gathered a stone from. However, I’ve recently been to both Payiferen, and Tetsonot, and today visited Dereno. Those three I have completed. That leaves: Negilahn.

The next portal isn’t for nearly an entire Museum Age day, so I will leave that one for another time.

Completed Er’cana today. Have started harvesting pellets. Zedra put me on the tracks of a good recipe that I will have to give a try.

September 3, 2007

Guild Pubs

Recorded in: News Journal — Isyldar @ 10:04 pm Cavern Time

According to anthroanne, Reteltee stopped by the Watcher’s Sanctuary tonight to let everyone know that there’s going to be some access control coming out in regards to the Guild Pubs. He’s apparently not sure what it’s going to be, but…interesting. :)

September 3, 2007


Recorded in: Masoren's Journal — Masoren @ 7:42 pm Cavern Time

I braved this Age on my own at first, as Izy said once you understood the premise behind it, it really wasn’t all that hard to complete. I should know better than to take something like that at face value. I got lost four times!

Eventually, I requested the assistance of Greeter, Roland of Gilead, and was able to complete Minkata with a copy of Nadnerb’s Minkata map. If nothing else, that Age is very strange.

September 3, 2007

Tetsonot, not so scary

Recorded in: Masoren's Journal — Masoren @ 5:59 pm Cavern Time

It really isn’t nearly as scary as it usually seems if you’re plugged into the Day of Dancing broadcast while you’re waiting for the portal.

It would also seem that Tetsonot is not the stone that I am missing. Curious. I’ll have to read back in this journal and see if I can figure out which one it is.

September 3, 2007

Grabbing stone markers

Recorded in: Masoren's Journal — Masoren @ 3:09 pm Cavern Time

It’s again been a while since I was down in the Cavern. (June, I think.) I heard about the Day of Dancing celebration, so made a point to stop by. Jalak is quite interesting, as Izy has said. I may have to spend some time there myself.

Still, I have a number of marker stones to gather yet, and other such things that I am behind on. I think I shall spend a few hours today looking after that.

September 3, 2007

Completing Ages

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 2:42 pm Cavern Time

It took some time today to finish things, but I have finally figured out which Museum Age pod it was I hadn’t completed, and have grabbed all four pieces of stone for that Age. (It was Dereno, can you believe it?)

I also completed the Portal for Er’cana today, having spotted the final cloth in zreyasa’s Er’cana yesterday. :)

September 3, 2007

D’ni Time

Recorded in: News Journal — Isyldar @ 1:02 pm Cavern Time

For those who didn’t know where to figure it out, are interested, or who were just confused about it before, I’ve posted a document on converting surface time to D’ni time.

I realize that this isn’t needed as much as it was once for figuring out the times between portal in the Museum Age, however, it is still very interesting. (Or at least I think so. ) :)

D’ni Time