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January 27, 2007

More City… Finally.

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 3:44 pm Cavern Time

The barriers past the palace (with lots of rubble) came down today, allowing us access to two more markers. :) Paradoxically, the rope bridge is still down. This is more of an annoyance than a hindrance now, however, since the mid-bridge marker can be jumped for. (from either side now too :P ) Now we can stare at the library over the barriers too!
On a less cool, and more annoying note, the in-city lag has increased tenfold since the recent hotfix. That, and it didn’t really fix the problem either. :P I don’t see as many white avatars anymore, but now I lag whenever someone moves into my field of view. (and I see them white for a second) I can even do that to myself…

White Avvies

January 24, 2007


Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 7:27 pm Cavern Time

I made a trip to Teledahn today, to check for changes in the Age and see if Shroomie had shown up lately.

It turns out that I had left the machinery on the last time I was there, so I doubt that she was around at all. Oh well; perhaps I will get to see her another time.

You know, it is amazing how harmless an Age can seem on the surface. Teledahn is outwardly peaceful. The mushrooms just standing there, the lights calming. It isn’t until you make your way to the slave caves that the Age starts to turn sour.

Sadly, Teledahn is no longer an Age that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis. There is too much bad history on that island. Hopefully there will come a day when I can get a transport of some kind to the water so that I can explore some of the other islands reported by Sharper.

Well, I’m off to Eder Delin.

January 24, 2007

Myst Online: URU LIve Launch

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 4:20 pm Cavern Time

I am excited about this! :) According to one of the news forums on URU Obsession’s website, the launch date for URU Live has been oficially set as February 8th, 2007!

[forum article]

January 23, 2007

Bevin Visitors Imager

Recorded in: News Journal — Isyldar @ 8:09 pm Cavern Time

It would seem that the Visitors listing on the Imager is updating correctly now. I’ve linked into Bevin three times already this evening to test it out, and each time, the list has been updated with my current link-in.

January 21, 2007

Relto Bug – Signs of the Future?

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 6:31 pm Cavern Time

I linked into Relto today, and got the “everything on” bug…is the following screenshot a sign of some of what is to come?

[Relto screen capture]

January 21, 2007

Related Links

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 6:19 pm Cavern Time

I have added a number of handy links to the site. Mostly stuff that I keep on hand when searching for information. Feel free to bookmark them yourself as you like, or stop by and use them whenever you want.

If anyone has any other links they’d like to add, related or otherwise, let me know. I’ll gladly put stuff up; and if we get so many links that we need to start categorizing them, we will. :)

January 21, 2007

Enter Nadnerb

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 1:35 pm Cavern Time

Hey, I’m Nadnerb, and I am the crazy goggle wearing guy who looks full of himself on that banner image at the top of every page. ;) Izy tends to write about all the important stuff, so I pretty much stick to writing comments. Just thought I’d start off my journal with something, so it’s not empty anymore. I generally spend my in-cavern time looking for bugs, and, for the moment, joining up with any group opening the doors in Delin. Those doors have some weird problems. (A suggestion: if you link out, the little cloth indicator lights on the door will work. makes it much easier) I’d also enjoy a game of Ayoheek.

Err… Isyldar, could you explain how to place these entries into the “journals” section? I am completely unfamiliar with .. wordpress.

January 21, 2007

Google Already?

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 12:38 pm Cavern Time

In poking around through Google’s index, I discovered that Google has already started indexing this site!

Furthermore, when searching for “eder delin” we’re in the top 5 sites that come up. :)

January 21, 2007

Ayoheek Tables & Random Points

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 11:27 am Cavern Time

It has been reported of late that the Ayoheek tables are distributing random points to players that win a round of Ayoheek. I think that I’ve been able to explain that, actually.

Nadnerb, Roberb and I were playing Ayoheek in Bevin last night, and noted an odd occurrence. When both Nad and I won a round of Ayoheek, Robert lost 1 point, and neither of us gained one. The following round, when Robert and him won, they both received a point.

I surmised that the table couldn’t divide the points evenly when Nad and I won the first time, and therefore distributed them to the winners of the next round when they did; or that they were simply lost and there was a glitch.

However, we had an experience later where we all ended up leaving the table after a game was started, a couple times, which caused us all to lose points. Our next round of Ayoheek ended up in my winning something akin to 8 points.

Solution? Well, in the case where points don’t divide properly amongst the winners, they are kept in the table until the next round when one person wins, or the points divide evenly. In the case where everybody leaves in the middle of a game, the table keeps the points until somebody comes back to win them.

I can see where people would get confused and assume that the table is dishing out random points, but what is most likely is that there were some lost points left in the table that they were lucky enough to win! Cool, eh?