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July 15, 2007

KI Imager

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 11:46 pm Cavern Time

Well folks, it might be a little crude; and it doesn’t have a lot of fancy features. You can’t adjust the fancy stuff, and at the moment, I’m not sure smilies work in the post part of it, but

We have a new Images section!

The former KI Gallery (from the old site design), has gone by the wayside forever. In it’s place, I give to you the new URU Exploration D’ni Imager. What’s so cool about it? Well, not only can you put pictures on it, but it’s easy. Just create a page with the D’ni Imager tempalte, and put pictures in the content. Any picture there is displayed on the Imager.

Have fun!

July 15, 2007

Site Update(s)

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 11:34 am Cavern Time

Hey everyone,

I’ve been rearranging things on the site a little bit; just to get some more organization in the Texts and such. I’ve also updated the Journals & Archives section so that it automatically displays Explorer Journals and new Texts.

Explorer Journals will only show up in the list if you have an entry in your Journal, and Texts are set up to show only a link to their main page, and then a sub-list of any Pages they contain. (If there are sub-pages below those, they will not display in this section.)

So, no URLs have been modified, just where you might find some of their links. For the most part, I don’t think this’ll mess anybody up, but, if you disagree, let me know. :) If we have some more popular content that is now part of a “collection” of documents, (i.e. Minkata or The Museum Age), and you think we should have a link to it right on the sidebar, let me know. I can always make sure that we have that kind of thing “front and center.”

In the mean time, I’ll see you all in the Cavern!

Isyldar Saaren

July 15, 2007

The Cleft

Recorded in: J'naem's Journal — J'naem @ 9:59 am Cavern Time

I visited this place today, having found the book in the pillar in Relto. Nadnerb had mentioned it as one of the Books that links you back to Earth. Albeit, not back to my home, but it did take me to an interesting place in the desert.

When I got here, there was a large sign just behind me that told me where I was. It was a bit of a surprise, but it was nice to know exactly where I was in the world for a change. :)

I wasn’t expecting to run into anyone. A man named Zandi seems to have parked his trailer near the Cleft for the sole purpose of helping travelers get their feet under them. A nice guy. (If perhaps a little insane?) He told me that there was a message left for me in the cleft. From, “her.”

Why anyone would be leaving me a message in a place that I hadn’t been to before now, kinda creeped me out, I have to say. Regardless, I’ve gone in search of it.

July 15, 2007

Mapping Operations

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 1:28 am Cavern Time

Lately I’ve been working on mapping Minkata accurately. Both for a lack of something better to do, and because I don’t know if the bug that’s been allowing me to do it will be squashed soon. Currently, if you place markers in an age that does not show you KI coordinates, and then attempt to edit that mission in an age that does, all the markers will show coordinates. Interestingly enough, I think that I’ve also uncovered another bug along the way. The displayed coordinates change depending on what age you view them in.

Anyway, I’ve been running around Minkata, placing markers at all the notable landmarks, and reading off all the coordinates in Ae’gura. Then entering them into my little mapping app, the KI coordinate mapper. Speaking of which, I’ve upgraded it a bit. You can now view a preset map of all of the notable locations in Minkata, complete with custom marker images in it’s full zoomable glory. Just select “Minkata Map” from the dropdown menu in the middle.