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May 30, 2007

New Introduction

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 5:09 pm Cavern Time

Well, I had some spare time today, so I created a Flash introduction for the site. It’s still quite rather large, file size-wise, so we can’t use it just yet, but I think it’s rather cool-lookin’.

Stop by http://urulive.guildaxis.net/intro.html and check it out. It will take a while to download if you have a slow connection, and there’s no loading screen yet. (So, please be patient.)

However, this is my first step towards creating a really, really cool site design for us. Stay tuned!

May 28, 2007

New Information on Minkata Navigation

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 10:46 pm Cavern Time

Robert (he’s the guy in the above picture on the right,) has been kind enough to compile a document on the information our group collected from the Minkata expedition, in regards to D’ni distances and other measurements.

Check it out here.

May 28, 2007

Site updates

Recorded in: Nad's Journal — Nadnerb @ 1:56 pm Cavern Time

Recently, it appears that we have gone on a “site expanding binge” and we now have a ever-increasing number of texts and archives. So far, I have physically contributed to the Relto Pages and Bahro Stone lists, and I’m looking into getting a difinitive answer about the heek ranking system, so y’all don’t have to keep grinding away at that thing. Robert also suggested a neat idea.. A little interactive map that would convert to D’ni style polar coordinates and back. I’ve got some neat ideas for it as a little script page that would be useful for plotting marker missions and displaying the Minkata solutions. Oh, and someone should tell Robert that I don’t need a polar-to-rectangular transformation algorithm. :)

May 27, 2007

Heek Testing

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 11:05 pm Cavern Time

It has been a very long, and tedious day. Robert and I (with help from Nadnerb, of course,) spent the better part of our day in the Cavern testing the Ahyoheek tables; we had several questions that we needed to answer.

I’m happy to say that were able to answer most of them. Some of them will require some more work, but I do not think that any of us has the energy for that today.

There was also some more work done on the Neighborhood’s Archival texts. Those questions about the Ahyoheek tables that we did answer, I documented; and I also spent a little time working on the Bahro stone notes. (Not a necessary task, I know, but good to have one’s own text at hand when it’s needed.)

Alas, I am very tired, and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. A sleeping bag on the Cavern floor just doesn’t give you the same rest. (Not that the Bahro’s screeches help much either.)

The Bahro…have actually been kind of quiet lately. Should we be concerned?

Thought: Would the symbols generated in Minkata be keeping them away?

May 27, 2007

Where is Bevin?

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 9:49 pm Cavern Time

This is mostly for my own information, as I just bothered to look into it recently. Based off of the fact that we have KI Co-ordinates for Bevin, one can relatively easily figure out where you are in relation to the D’ni Rezeero (Great Zero).

However, a much easier way to get a visual idea as to your location, is to use that handy telescope that’s sitting off the main Bevin courtyard.

Bevin Telescope

Looking through this, you can see the Kerath Arch on the left-hand side, the large windows of the Concert Hall Foyer, and the Great Library on the right. The light is dim, so I know that it is quite a distance away from the neighborhood, and the co-ordinates tell us that Bevin’s on a higher level than D’ni Ae’gura.

May 27, 2007

New Texts

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 5:19 pm Cavern Time

Just to give everyone a head’s up, and let y’all know what we’re working on at the moment, several Texts have been added to our Journals & Archives. Some of these contain information on Ahyoheek that we haven’t heard before, and others are information on Relto Pages and Bahro stones.

A number of these texts are still being worked on, so they might not have much information in them just yet, but with your patience, and help, we should be able to get them completed soon enough!

See you in the Cavern,

Isyldar Saaren

May 27, 2007

New Ahyoheek Information!

Recorded in: News Journal — Isyldar @ 3:27 pm Cavern Time

We’ve got some answers to some Ahyoheek questions that have been plaguing us players for a long time…check it out here