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May 24, 2007

Minkata Journal

Recorded in: News Journal — Nadnerb @ 7:41 pm Cavern Time

Check it out here Minkata Journal Text

May 23, 2007

Deadly Event

Recorded in: Nad's Journal — Nadnerb @ 11:24 pm Cavern Time

The mood in the cavern is much more somber than it was before. Both Wheely and Rose have been killed. Rose was most likely killed by the collapse that trapped Wheely in the hidden cave, somewhere under the Kahlo Pub.

Immediately following the collapse, a Bahro was seen by a considerable number of people on top of the library. Wheely says that at this point, she had touched a symbol on the wall, which she later described to the DRC and was forwarded to the explorers by Nick. At that point, it also appears that Wheely’s KI has stopped transmitting. The city was closed down as Laxman attempted to remotely activate her KI.

When the link was reestablished, Wheely relayed her current situation, and how she had gotten there. Apparently, there was a bahro in the cave with them. It had touched their Relto books, after which they noticed that they no longer worked. After several hours of digging and emotional text chat between Wheely and Engberg, the DRC rescue team reached the top of the cave. During this time, the bahro in the cave with her had become increasingly agitated. A linking book was lowered into the room, but it appeared to suffer the same affliction as the Relto book. After lowering down some water, and having a prolonged conversation, ResEng233 was lowered into the room. He immediately wanted back out, saying he “didn’t sign on for this”. Shortly after, all DRC chat was moved to a private channel.

Marie Sutherland came to the cavern later to inform the explorers that both Wheely and Rose were dead, and that Wheely had definitely not been killed by the collapse. Two wreaths have been placed somewhere in the city in memoriam…

Since that time, speculation has run rampant. People have speculated that the bahro killed Wheely, though no reason has been given for such an action. It has been speculated that the cave they were trapped in was a “bahro cave” and therefore inhibited linking. If so, then the bahro was also trapped with Wheely. It is my opinion that no serious conclusions can be drawn about the behavior of the bahro or the death of Wheely until we have more information about the reasons behind it.

Anyway, Izy wrote this up better than I did, so I’ll just pop this into my journal. It seems I’ve left my more interesting thoughts on this in my comments on the aforementioned posts anyway. ;)

May 23, 2007

Journey Pillars

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 9:15 pm Cavern Time

I was walking around in Teledahn tonight, and decided to venture back into the Bahro cave.

It was exactly as I had left it the last time I jumped out: the four pillars glowing with a blue light, the journey symbols on the wall, and the glyph of Yeesha beside them.

I was curious, what might happen if I was to activate the Journey symbol that took the pillars to my Relto the last time…

A Bahro scream the likes of which I have not heard yet. Pained, and curdling. The pillars were returned to my relto, and I hastily returned them back to the Cave.

I must speculate on this.

May 23, 2007

Event Notes

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 9:12 pm Cavern Time

There are more things that I wish to write down, before I forget them, and so that, perhaps, others can make sense of them. A lot of this I have heard from other explorers, or have read in KIlogs; some of it confuses the heck out of me, and the rest of it, really concerns me.

On the subject of Wheely and Rose’ death…

  • Wheely and Rose were last seen around the Great Library before all the commotion started and the DRC blocked access to the Cavern. We are not sure how they ended up trapped in a collapsed room by the Khalo pub.
  • There has been a shot of a Bahro on the Great Library upper story circulating, which was taken shortly after Wheely and Rose were reported missing
  • Wheely told Engberb and the DRC as they were trying to rescue her, that the Bahro was trying to say something… it came out as “no livin.” This was shortly before she was reported dead, but some of the other explorers in URU Obsessions’ neighborhood suggested it might have meant, “Noloben.”
  • Douglas Sharper, a man lucky to be alive by his recount of events on the continent of Negilahn in the Museum Age, has indicated that there appear to be warring factions among the Bahro, and that it is the Bahro in that Age which are the predators that have been killing the wildlife. (Though perhaps killing is not the right word. “Shredding,” by Sharper’s description might be the better word.

All of these points seriously concern me, now that I think about it, as they appear to point at the Bahro as very dangerous creatures. They can kill extremely fast, and even I suspect that the Bahro that was in the collapsed room with the girls may have killed Wheely. Though I cannot for the life of me fathom why.

The good news that might come from all of this, is that one of the factions at least, seems to consider us worth keeping alive, as two of the Bahro dove in to save and protect Sharper as he linked to his Relto.

Still…I am worried.

May 23, 2007


Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 9:02 pm Cavern Time

There is much to write about today. I do wish that I didn’t have to write it; but that would not be fair to them. I won’t wait to write this down, as it needs to be done.

The other day, Wheely and Rose were in the Cavern, going about the Marker missions, and somehow got themselves caught in a building collapse around the Khalo pub. Rose was killed instantly. Wheely survived, nearly until the rescue party could get to her.

Last night, I was in the URU Obsession neighborhood, listening to the replay of the goings-on in the main Ae’gura instance. Most of the rescue party and the DRC were taking up the occupancy in the Cavern. I have to say that it was nothing but nerve-wracking.

Wheely kept reporting that there was a Bahro in the room with her. It seemed to be freaking out as the rescue party got closer and closer to her. Try as he might, her father, Michael Engberg, tried to console her and convince her that the Bahro would do her no harm if she ignored it. The end result was not a happy one. At the end of it, ResEng 233 was sent down into the collapsed room to rescue Wheely, and she was discovered dead. The Bahro nowhere to be found.

I have more to write on the subject, but, for now, I think I shall let this entry sit. Shorah, Wheely. Shorah, Rose. You will be with us all in spirit. We will continue the Adventure so that this loss is not in vain.


Isyldar Saaren