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April 13, 2007

Great Zeroes of Fire!

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 8:19 pm Cavern Time

The great zero is finally open for business! And calibration! Hundreds of little white markers await your collection! Perhaps, if I’m online when any of you are we can run some simultaneous missions! And hold races! And stuff, things, and other vague pronouns! I’m so excited I’m not making any coherent sentences! See you in the cavern! :D

April 12, 2007

The Pod mystery

Recorded in: Debshee's Journal,News Journal — debshee @ 5:09 pm Cavern Time

Here is what I am thinking. These pods, now that we know they are all in one age, must be connected somehow. I think that the trapdoors (in the floor with the Dni numerals) will open to reveal a tunnel with some kind of transportation to take you from one to the next. Underground? Under water? It has been done before and it will be done again. I, for one, can’t wait! Though I don’t think I want to be outdoors in Payiferen when the beast arrives!!!!

April 11, 2007

Gahreesen wall soon?

Recorded in: Nad's Journal — Nadnerb @ 2:11 pm Cavern Time

Yesterday, debshee, Caalma and I were in Gahreesen, checking out a rumor she had heard about the Gahreesen wall being opened up. We discovered that the control panel in the wall room has been redone and the suit machine in the adjoining room was open, but the system was not yet active. Now, instead of nondescript buttons, there are symbols on all of the controls, and there were also some flashing lights up at the top.

The rumor in question came from here

On a side note, I finally got to see one of the Negilahn tree monkeys! Very cool. The picture I got wasn’t that great though. He just wouldn’t look at me. :D