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March 17, 2007

St Pat’s Day Parade!

Recorded in: Nad's Journal — Nadnerb @ 11:14 pm Cavern Time

I had signed up to view this from the GameBoomer’s Bevin, which I did. It was quite neat. The marchers lined up, Rand and Greydragon Linked in, led the route through the hood, and linked out again. At the top count, I think there were 75 people in one Bevin, possibly 85 in the finish line hood, “St Pat’s Day Parade Committe” :P It was surprisingly playable, and leaves me to wonder what’s wrong with the city and it’s darn lag… What follows is a large selection of images, which I took during the festivities.

The first set from Gameboomers. Don’t forget the alt text. ;)

Rand Links Into GameboomersRand Lines 'em up. Salute!And They're Off! Into the Community Room.Onward to the light garden!Coming back through the light garden.The final salute, before the major links.

The second set, from the parade Bevin.

Some Greenies in the parade hood.Rand confronts a sea of green hats. He's been mobbed!Rand confronts the PaparazziAnd I join in the fun. What's up with his book?

March 17, 2007

More Journals?

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 5:28 pm Cavern Time

I am adding some more links to the Journal page…anyone care to have one? We’re taking anyone who’s interested in posting an URU journal online.

If you’ve got multiple avatars, you can have multiple journals too!

March 16, 2007

A little fun on the side of fries

Recorded in: Nad's Journal — Nadnerb @ 7:44 pm Cavern Time

I’ve recently been amusing myself by doing some weird things with my alternate avatars. I’m currently attempting to complete the journeys without going to the cleft with Nah’dneb, who eventually intends to join the not yet created Ahyoheek guild hood to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing heek a lot. :P The others are just parading through my hood for the hell of it.

Along the way, I’ve noticed a few things that escaped me the other 30 times I completed the journeys. (Understandable, as most of them, I was in a bit of a rush.. :P ) Mostly in Teledahn. The story depth of Teledahn makes it a great age, and you can see the threads of the original story that never got played out in uru, but got pushed to Myst 5 while Cyan was gasping for its last breath. For instance, how many people remember that the bahro are afraid of hanging rocks? That happens to be the reason that the Gahreesen prison stone is where it is. ;) On a more recent note, were there always a lot of bahro noises in Teledahn? That place seems to have acquired an invisible, yet very loud, bahro infestation…

March 16, 2007


Recorded in: Nad's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 9:36 am Cavern Time

It’s a pod age. It has ice, fish, funny tree like things, bubbles, fish, rays, whark-like sound buttons, and coral. It’s very blue. I think that about adequately describes the entire age. The forum people have already determined the gateway time too…

Well, the cavern today tells me that there were a few DRC roaming the cavern yesterday. That would be the third straight day with more than one of them in the cavern. This sounds good…

March 14, 2007

Douglas Sharper and Vormaen

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 7:08 pm Cavern Time

Judging by the reports on the various forums, I would have to say that things between these two are less than chummy. I am, myself, unsure as to Sharper’s intentions towards the Cavern, but I am content to let time tell its own story there.

I do hope, however, that we don’t have too many more Vormaen’s around, ready to make a big scene about Sharper’s return. (If you give a mouse a cookie…)

Anyhow, it would appear that the heek tables are still broken. I do hope that they get this fixed soon.

March 14, 2007

The Story Continues

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 5:41 pm Cavern Time

Sharper has taken to writing in his journal again. Daily, almost! Even though he has been informed that it is.. essentially public knowledge.. :P

So far, two known explorers have been mentioned in the most recent entries. Rils, the head of the newly formed D’ni Zoological society, and Vormaen, apparently a momentary acquaintance, who brought up the situation with Phil again. It appears that Rils is a reasonable shot, Nick White is distracted, and they are all planning to go into Negilahn to seek out this “predator” said to be terrorizing the local fauna.

As for the questions of Sharper starting a war, (there was a question?) he is apparently a more peaceful man now, what with the lack of hunting. I’d point you to a KI toon by Thend to sum up the situation. (albeit in a humorously exaggerated manner ;) )

Oh, and it’s worth noting that, according to Nick, the DRC plans on releasing Dereno this week. I was hoping for today, but no such luck. ;)

March 13, 2007

Happenings in Negilahn

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 9:28 am Cavern Time

I should have written this down the other day, but I was so excited that I completely forgot. I went on a trip to Negilahn with Nadnerb a few days back that was, surprisingly, eventful.

I think Nad’s been trying to guess a time when the wildlife happen on by the pod in that Age, though to what level of success he’s had, I could not guess; he spends a lot more time down in the Cavern than I can these days.

Well, as it turned out, he hit this one bang on. It wasn’t all that long before [an] Urwin happened by! I will print off the KI shot that I got of it out one of the other windows after the first pass, and add it to this entry later.

After it was all done, we took a trip back down to D’ni Ae’gura and the museum there to look up the thing on the wildlife chart. Let me just say that, that thing was huge!

I must run, but if I get a chance I will add more later.