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February 4, 2008

Empty Foundations

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal,Site News — Nadnerb @ 3:18 pm Cavern Time

Uru Live has been canceled again, yes, sigh, read that again, Uru Live has been cancelled again, and I think it’s really gone this time. I don’t exactly have warm fuzzy feelings for gametap, especially after having them keep posting about how we should stay around for the hundreds of other games they have to offer. :P However, while I won’t be returning to them, they gave Uru a chance it didn’t get before. Almost a full year of service. Still, it was all foundation, and no building. It left one sitting out in the cold in between, while the workers had left for the night.

I don’t expect Uru to continue like it did last time, as it won’t be “Until” Uru anymore, even though the hacking community has much more of a head start than it did at the time of the last cancellation. Two cancellations is not something a game can survive, one would think. There is still another problem though.

This time, the game has left behind more empty foundations than before. The push for guilds in the future has left in it’s wake a number of separate explorer organizations, in various stages of development. What they are, and whether they will continue in some form is a big question. Will they dissolve, or continue to work towards different goals? The Guild of Writers is, at this point, entirely self-sufficient, the only question is whether the motivation to create will remain. Other groups such as the messengers and greeters were entirely dependent on the game, and their future is much more uncertain

On the same note, this site has recently acquired it’s own domain, just days before the announcement of the end. There are a lot of people who put a lot of work and some of their life into this world.

Finally, there is the community as a whole. I have my doubts about how cohesive it will remain without a central meeting place like Uru, but it we will see. For now… I don’t know. The aftermath will now begin.


I may yet show up in the cavern for the last goodbyes. :(

November 6, 2007

Sardines in Ahnonay

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 2:07 am Cavern Time

Today was quite a day. The recap is .. well, long. Started out finishing Ahnonay with Robert, and meeting up in K’veer. Then Yeesha and the Bahro link in on top of me, and I record it. (this led me to actually start a topic on the forum) Then I met up with most of the usual crew and we opened the door in Tsogal for somone. (Twice, actually, as they fell the first time) Somehow that meeting ended up with a lot of early uru memories and reminiscing, with a little technical age building discussion mixed in. Then we went down to the hood and started a game of sardines in Ahnonay, Sphere 1. I this place has potential for good games of sardines. It’s not so linear that you can run through it and be guaranteed to enter voice chat range of the hider at least once, but it’s not so open as Minkata, where you’ll never find anything, let alone one avatar. This first round resulted in some cool pictures which I have posted below. ;)

First SpotAliens!!!Under WaterIn The TreeMy Hiding spot

November 5, 2007

Yeesha Speaks

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 8:57 pm Cavern Time

Today, I was hanging out in K’veer observing the coolness and polish, and listening to some tunes… when I noticed something behind me. Yeesha (in the flesh :shock: ) and a Bahro linked in behind me. only 4 or 5 other people in the room with Yeesha. She proceeded to make a long speech about the future and past of the cavern, and made a few things clear about the “evil” Bahro and their leader. It was an awesome event, and I was finally (for the first time) present in the same room as a bahro.

You can find my chatlog of the occurrence here.

November 3, 2007

First Visit to Ahnonay in Live

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 12:21 am Cavern Time

Well, after the servers effectively went down for a few hours.. I managed to get in and get in line for a book. Immediately after, however, I moved on to Isyldar’s Ahnonay, as he was interested to see how the meter would react to multiplayer. Having recently played around in PotS with the age, I pointed out one area which had become surprisingly easy to reach due to the physics change. Later, when Robert and Jan arrived, Izy went out and demonstrated that the islands in the scenery really are solid. :D I’ll probably post some more KI pics on this post later, when we’ve explored some more.

Izy in Nad’s Background

November 2, 2007

Book Incoming

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 1:42 pm Cavern Time

Marie Sutherland showed up in The Cavern today with an announcement. That announcement was duplicated in a KI mail, distributed by the DRC shortly afterwards.

The contents of the KI mail is as follows:

Ahnonay to be released


Despites yesterday’s events, we are pleased to announce that another Age is nearly ready to be opened. We will be making the official presentation of the Book this afternoon at 5:30 pm Cavern Time


For me, that’s 8:00 PM EST Things should be busy in the sanctuary. :D

Also, I think this is the first time they’ve been so specific about when something was going to happen. I expect vast crowds. Hopefully I’ll see some of ya’s in there too.

October 14, 2007

Minkata Chill

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 12:16 am Cavern Time

Well, it’s been a while, so I figure I ought to write in my ‘ol journal again. I’ve been in the Cavern on and off for the last few weeks, so I’ve been present for a few things. One of ResEng Biegalski’s orientations, several games of Sardines, and, most recently, a “Chill” party in Minkata. Basically this means streamed music and lots of avvies. I was interested, though, to see a large crowd in Minkata, so I headed out there, and it turned out to be one of the great ones. Ktahdin had put together a playlist that neatly matched the ambiance of the night side of Minkata, and the event drew a considerable crowd. The whole thing was followed up by a dramatic (and very well done) switch to day Minkata and more upbeat, “wake up” tunes, the most amusing of which was a rendition of “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” on what sounded like a carnival organ. :D All in all, it was a good time, and I got some good pictures out of it too. So, to that end, here they are. :D Curiously enough, ResEng Dogherra even dropped in around the middle, though he was in ‘stealth mode’. He’s visible in the first picture.

Dogherra Visits Chillin in the hole kiimage0570.jpg kiimage0575.jpg

I’ve also dropped these onto the hood imager, and the site hood imager. (I had an interesting time getting the site imager to display them)

September 22, 2007

Episode 9: Exodus

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 3:22 pm Cavern Time


I am suddenly very excited! I really didn’t think the finale episode was going to rock my socks. Now I think it will. I see a new area! An area that is K’veer, but cooler than it was in Myst V. An area that hints at things to come, and the first area that was in the original Uru: Complete Chronicles to be greatly revamped! I don’t know if K’veer will have anything puzzling in it, but it is a great historical location, and they have been doing very little restoration of the cavern itself lately. Now I must wonder, will we get more than just the inside of the Myst island library too, or am I just being too optimistic?


September 11, 2007

DRC update: day 3

Recorded in: Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 10:07 am Cavern Time

A new KI mail from the DRC:

Pellet Progress Update

I would like to take another opportunity to thank all of the explorers for continuing to contribute pellets to the lake. I have been monitoring the pellet contributions on a daily basis and have noticed that they’ve been steadily decreasing over the last month. I just wanted to reassure you that you are making progress, so don’t get discouraged. At the current rate of pellet contributions, the increased lake light level could be enough to be noticeable in the next few months. Of course, if they continue to decline, it will take a great deal longer.

Also, according to your tests, the algae does not respond well to spikes in their food supply. Slow and steady is better than large, sudden changes to the pellet contributions. The D’ni do have several safety mechanisms in place to moderate this to some degree, so the algae isn’t in any great danger, but for our own eficiency’s sake, it’s better to be as consistent as is reasonable.

Thanks again,

V. Laxman

September 10, 2007

Day 2: Philto

Recorded in: Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 7:03 pm Cavern Time

The day’s events, in bullet form:

  • The September Sparkly finally appears.
  • The Link to the Spyroom returns.
  • Phil “phend” Henderson’s Relto link is still in the spyroom.
  • Michael Engberg returns, and doesn’t say much.
  • Marie Sutherland greets him, and restores a number of Delin books.
  • Delin gets snowed in again.
  • Laxman shows in UruTapestry to inform us that our pellet dropping is not up to par.
  • Dr. Watson returns, says lots

Pictures from the associated areas:

gargoyles.jpgCrowded Philto
on top of Philtokiimage0560.jpg

As you can probably see, it is still possible to climb the Relto mountain in Philto. :D

On a personal note, Nadnerb has become impossible to log in with. Attempting to results in massive memory usage and crash during link to Relto. Hence, until the issue is resolved Nah’dneb will be taking his place.

July 15, 2007

Mapping Operations

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal — Nadnerb @ 1:28 am Cavern Time

Lately I’ve been working on mapping Minkata accurately. Both for a lack of something better to do, and because I don’t know if the bug that’s been allowing me to do it will be squashed soon. Currently, if you place markers in an age that does not show you KI coordinates, and then attempt to edit that mission in an age that does, all the markers will show coordinates. Interestingly enough, I think that I’ve also uncovered another bug along the way. The displayed coordinates change depending on what age you view them in.

Anyway, I’ve been running around Minkata, placing markers at all the notable landmarks, and reading off all the coordinates in Ae’gura. Then entering them into my little mapping app, the KI coordinate mapper. Speaking of which, I’ve upgraded it a bit. You can now view a preset map of all of the notable locations in Minkata, complete with custom marker images in it’s full zoomable glory. Just select “Minkata Map” from the dropdown menu in the middle.