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April 27, 2007

GZ Callibration

Recorded in: Masoren's Journal — Masoren @ 10:40 am Cavern Time

I have completed much today. After perusing the DRC journal in the Rezeero Antechamber, I was able to complete the first two sets of callibration. It took me to a lot of places I hadn’t been yet, but it was fun. :)

There is still a lot of the Journey yet to be completed, and I have all of the Marker Missions to complete as well, before I can use the KI coordinates. Regardless, it’s good to be back down in the Cavern.

Hopefully I can find someone to play a game of heek with soon. :D

April 27, 2007


Recorded in: Masoren's Journal,News Journal — Masoren @ 9:14 am Cavern Time

I have long been away from the Cavern, and the Journey. I returned today to find that many things have changed. The Rezeero is ready for callibration, many more Linking Books to the Museum Pods have been released, and I have much exploring to do.

Hopefully I’ll run into someone from Bevin today. A game of Ahyoheek would go over quite well.