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November 11, 2008


Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 1:48 pm Cavern Time

Updated the back-end software to the latest version. If anyone happens to notice anything going awry, let me know so that I can fix it.



July 28, 2008

Not on the blacklist!

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 5:20 pm Cavern Time

Since I think I covered pretty much everything I need to report on the UO forum, I’ll just copy that verbatim, and quote it here:

Shorah all,

First, I must apologize for all the “suspicious activity” over the past few days. The URU Exploration site did get hacked, and had a couple links uploaded to it that were doing some rather nasty things, and caused both Google and certain Internet Security apps (Norton on my box) to flag the site as trouble. The good news, is that I’ve removed the malicious links that were embedded on the site, and the back-end software has been updated, so as to hopefully prevent that from happening again.

I’ve just checked against Google today, and the suspicious flag has been removed from the site:

I’ll be posting about this on the Site News portion of the site as well, and making sure that I get an e-mail sent out to everyone who’s subscribed so that those of you who do stop by can rest assured that the problem is fixed, and that there really are real people behind the site, and not info thieves. smile.gif

I’d also like to add, that the request for a First and Last name entry on the site, doesn’t require your real, personal info. So long as the information is filled in, and looks legit, we’re happy. (For instance, I use, “Isyldar Saaren”). I don’t personally believe that someone who’s hacked the site is likely to go to the trouble of filling in the First / Last name as a part of a confirmation request. Perhaps they will, but if they’re even quasi-lazy, this will help to weed out the real subscribers from the chaff. smile.gif

(On a side note: For the off chance that someone does run into this again with our site, please let me know so I can get it fixed sooner. smile.gif An email to isyldar@uruexploration.net will work just fine.)



P.S. In addition to Nad’s links, http://www.uruexploration.net will also get you to the site.

July 23, 2008

Software Update

Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 9:55 am Cavern Time

Greetings all,

In response to a security issue that we’ve had recently, I”ve made some changes to the setup that we’ve got here. Most notably, for those of you who are registered, and use the editing software to post here, is that WordPress has been updated to v2.6. Not only is this a security improvement over the previous version we were using, but it also includes a vastly different back-end.  (So, if anyone has questions regarding it, don’t hesitate to e-mail me and ask, or comment here.)

Also, new registrants are no longer granted Author access to the system, but Subscriber. (This means that those of us admins who have the power will have to keep on top of user registrations and make sure that legitimate ones get through instead of sitting there for months. Heh.



July 3, 2008

There will be MORE

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,News Journal,Site News — Nadnerb @ 8:26 pm Cavern Time

Cyan has finally reached an agreement with Gametap and they are lining up to restart Uru as “MORE”, or Myst Online Restoration Expiriment, which appears to be based around the idea of user created content (which has become quite advanced on it’s own already) becoming core to the game. Additionally, they (still :P)  intend to release the content creation tools that they used during the development of MOUL along with some source code so that PyPRP and other fan tools can use them for their continued development. They intend to retain central control of the game and keep a single cavern instance, unlike the “shard” model that was used during Until Uru, while still allowing individual game servers to be hosted by more resourceful fans. Today was the day of the “Press Conference” hosted in #CyanChat with Chogon/MarkD (Cyan’s current CTO, former client lead, creator of CyanChat) answering questions about the future of MORE. A condensed version of the proceedings can be found here, and a more complete log here. Guidelines for future conent can be found on the Guild of Messengers site and older guildlines on Cyan’s own legal page.

February 4, 2008

Empty Foundations

Recorded in: Nad's Journal,Nah'dneb's Journal,News Journal,Site News — Nadnerb @ 3:18 pm Cavern Time

Uru Live has been canceled again, yes, sigh, read that again, Uru Live has been cancelled again, and I think it’s really gone this time. I don’t exactly have warm fuzzy feelings for gametap, especially after having them keep posting about how we should stay around for the hundreds of other games they have to offer. :P However, while I won’t be returning to them, they gave Uru a chance it didn’t get before. Almost a full year of service. Still, it was all foundation, and no building. It left one sitting out in the cold in between, while the workers had left for the night.

I don’t expect Uru to continue like it did last time, as it won’t be “Until” Uru anymore, even though the hacking community has much more of a head start than it did at the time of the last cancellation. Two cancellations is not something a game can survive, one would think. There is still another problem though.

This time, the game has left behind more empty foundations than before. The push for guilds in the future has left in it’s wake a number of separate explorer organizations, in various stages of development. What they are, and whether they will continue in some form is a big question. Will they dissolve, or continue to work towards different goals? The Guild of Writers is, at this point, entirely self-sufficient, the only question is whether the motivation to create will remain. Other groups such as the messengers and greeters were entirely dependent on the game, and their future is much more uncertain

On the same note, this site has recently acquired it’s own domain, just days before the announcement of the end. There are a lot of people who put a lot of work and some of their life into this world.

Finally, there is the community as a whole. I have my doubts about how cohesive it will remain without a central meeting place like Uru, but it we will see. For now… I don’t know. The aftermath will now begin.


I may yet show up in the cavern for the last goodbyes. :(

January 11, 2008

A New Address

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 12:00 pm Cavern Time

With recent decisions on the Guild Axis project, I’ve decided that I”m not likely going to be pursuing that line of development, and thus, I am reorganizing a few things in regards to the Guild Axis websites.

In our case, with the semi-success of this site, I’ve purchased a new domain name just for it! :D

In about a week or so, http://www.uruexploration.net  will be the new home of URU Exploration. Don’t worry, though, the old addresses are still going to work.

I own the guildaxis.net domain name for at least another year, so making sure that everyone who’s used to using the old address still can, isn’t going to be a problem. (And I’m a bit of a packrat, so the likelihood of me getting rid of guildaxis.net, is slim.)

Anybody for @uruexploration.net email addresses?


December 29, 2007

Calling for Researchers!

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 7:19 pm Cavern Time

I had a thought just now, that some time in the Cavern whilst events are quiet could be put to good use: Age Assistants!

We’ve all needed them at one point or another (or at least to not-so-very-stubborn of us have ;) ), so why not work on a few documents that can be written under the ideal of, “here’s a few notes to get you through this Age.”

I don’t think we need to go to the point of writing all-out walkthroughs or spoilers for each individual Age, though if someone were to do that, I don’t see why we wouldn’t post it.

I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks on this. So…comment away!

December 2, 2007

The Downtime

Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 12:50 am Cavern Time

I am terribly sorry for the site downtime folks. The issue was mine. I’ve been away from a computer long enough that I wasn’t getting my domain name notices. Heh. (And then I screwed up the renewal, so getting things fixed took a little longer than they should have.)

That said, things are back to normal, and this will not be a risk for yet another year. Thanks for your understanding. Hopefully we can all get back to the usual writing… :D


November 4, 2007

RSS Feed Link

Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 5:01 pm Cavern Time

I’ve updated the template for the site to include a prominent link to our RSS Feed. (The main one, not the comments feed.) With the addition of an RSS plugin to the dashboard, I’m reasonably confident that any RSS woes we may be experiencing, will go away. Please inform me if they do not.

In the mean time, please feel free to make use of the main feed, and if you know the URL, the comments feed as well. I am unsure how I am going to work that into the template. Perhaps in a footer. We shall see. :)


November 2, 2007

Software upgrade WP 2.3.1

Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 10:04 am Cavern Time

Hey folks,

I was poking around the Dashboard this morning, and happened across a WordPress upgrade that looks like it’s going to spruce things up even a little more around here. So, I’m going to be giving that a go shortly.

I’m making backups of everything, so if this doesn’t go over as smoothly as I want it to, I’ll revert back.

But, in the mean time, if you run across something really goofy, please, just comment it here in this post, and I’ll ask for a little patience while I look into it.



P.S. While the upgrade is going on, Maintenance Mode will be active, so only this post will be visible, and comments disabled. My apologies for the inconvenience. Things should revert to normal once the upgrade is complete.

Please refer to the comments of this post for ongoing information relating to this upgrade. And, thank you for your patience while I get the issues we’re having resolved. –Izy