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August 14, 2007

Back Again

Recorded in: J'naem's Journal — J'naem @ 8:10 pm Cavern Time

I returned to the Cavern today and stopped by the Canadian’s Bevin. Zedra was there to greet me as she was the last time. It was good to run into a friendly face again. :) We chatted about the latest Age that’s been released: Jalak, and a number of other things, like the growing population in that neighborhood.

It’s been, yet again, quite some time since I was last down to D’ni. I will have to make a point of returning more often.

July 15, 2007

The Cleft

Recorded in: J'naem's Journal — J'naem @ 9:59 am Cavern Time

I visited this place today, having found the book in the pillar in Relto. Nadnerb had mentioned it as one of the Books that links you back to Earth. Albeit, not back to my home, but it did take me to an interesting place in the desert.

When I got here, there was a large sign just behind me that told me where I was. It was a bit of a surprise, but it was nice to know exactly where I was in the world for a change. :)

I wasn’t expecting to run into anyone. A man named Zandi seems to have parked his trailer near the Cleft for the sole purpose of helping travelers get their feet under them. A nice guy. (If perhaps a little insane?) He told me that there was a message left for me in the cleft. From, “her.”

Why anyone would be leaving me a message in a place that I hadn’t been to before now, kinda creeped me out, I have to say. Regardless, I’ve gone in search of it.

July 14, 2007


Recorded in: J'naem's Journal — J'naem @ 11:47 pm Cavern Time

I returned to D’ni yesterday. It is an interesting place, to say the very least of it. Robert and Nadnerb were kind enough to take me through an age they called Minkata. It is a very windy place, filled with pockmarks that look like they must be from meteors hitting the surface.

I really wasn’t sure about the place, given the number of these “craters” there were, all over the place. Robert and Nadnerb didn’t seem to have a problem, however, so I followed along. They showed me how to make use of the journal of symbols that I saw sitting beside the Minkata Book.

I am not ashamed to say that I was absolutely astounded to see what happened at what must have been that world’s version of “nighttime”. I do not know how it is possible. I am, honestly, not sure that I want to know how. That kind of power…is dangerous.

I have, now, completed that Age’s journey. There is still so much of this I do not understand. I think I will have to do some exploring in the place they are calling Ae’gura tomorrow to see what I can find.

July 4, 2007

Entering the Cavern

Recorded in: J'naem's Journal — J'naem @ 6:03 pm Cavern Time

Today was an interesting day, to say the very least of it. I traveled to a place that, before this morning, I didn’t know existed. There’s a lot of people there, none of which I know. And there are some things to see that I am not even sure I would write down; were it not for the fact that others have already done so here, I do not think that I would be.
So where should I start? My name? Perhaps. It’s J’naem. There’s a last name, but I do not need to record that right now.

This morning wasn’t anything out of the ordinary: the usual coffee and croissant, the news, and then down to the library for some research on the latest paper. I spent a few hours there, and checked out a copy of A Tale of Two Cities. (Why not? The paper’s not due for another 5 months or so.) Toss the book in my backpack and I headed back home.

There wasn’t a whole lot else to do today, since most of the people I know were either at work or out of town on vacation. I headed over to the park, backpack filled with a couple books and a few snacks.

I don’t suppose that I was really prepared for the next part. I dug into my backpack to grab the copy of Two Cities that I’d checked out, and found a book that I had not seen before…It had a circular drawing on the front of its green hardcover, a design of some sort that meant nothing to me. Not quite sure where the book had come from, I flipped it open to see what it was about. (It’s a book, so, nothing out of the ordinary, no precautions needed, right?)

What I saw was…impossible. A moving image on the first page, picturing an island in the clouds. There was a hut on the island, and a mountain behind that. Entranced, I brushed my fingers over the picture, and…transported? I’m really not quite sure what to call it at this point. Some others in this archive have mentioned linking. Perhaps that is what it is.
The very next second, I was, in fact, standing in the middle of that island I saw in the picture, backpack now on the ground, my having dropped it upon arrival.

Now what do I do?