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September 11, 2007

Dr. Watson

Recorded in: Herohtar's Journal — Herohtar @ 2:04 pm Cavern Time

I just

finished reading the logs from Dr. Watson’s conversation. Something that’s of interest to me:

(09/11 02:07:03) J’on: Dr. Watson, Phil mentioned that he has visited Releeshan, have you been there also? If so,
have you seen Atrus?
(09/11 02:07:28) Dr. Watson: Yes to both questions, J’on.

That is the first time I have seen anyone mention about Atrus… some had wondered if he was even still alive. Now Dr. Watson claims to have seen him in Releeshan, so presumably that means he is still alive. I wonder if he will show up some time in the future?

June 23, 2007

Laxman visits Ae’gura

Recorded in: Herohtar's Journal,News Journal — Herohtar @ 3:11 pm Cavern Time

I came into the Cavern today to discover that Victor Laxman was in the City and about to speak to the explorers. I headed to the Nexus, only to find that it was already at the 100 person limit. Fortunately, there were some relayers in the GoG2 ‘hood, so I was still able to hear everything that was being said. Laxman’s speech was fairly short, and he didn’t answer many questions, but it was still good to hear from the DRC. I shall write here a summary of what he had to say.

Laxman spoke on two subjects today; the Great Zero, and the Bahro:

Great Zero

Laxman stated that, while the deaths have affected everyone, we are continuing to move forward. Last week, there was a spike in the GZ calibrations, and it is now ready to be activated. The DRC invites everyone to gather in your ‘hood GZs tomorrow, the 24th, at 4:00pm Cavern Time (16:00 KI time) to witness this exciting event. Everyone is encouraged to continue with the calibration missions, in order to make sure that the activation goes as planned.

In addition to the GZs activation, the progress from our calibration efforts have resulted in a new KI feature — custom marker missions. Laxman did not go into much detail on this, but did state that he believed “The Great Zero was used for KI coordinates and for surveying“.


According to Laxman, the DRC have noticed a change in the Bahro’s activity level; while their activity has decreased within the cavern, it has increased in other Ages. However, these Ages are mainly ones that we explorers do not have access to, and the DRC are staying away from those Ages. Despite this, Laxman claims the DRC are doing their best to not restrict any areas, and are not delaying any Age releases due to Bahro activity.

After these statements, Laxman suddenly vanished without a sound.


It seems Laxman crashed out at this point, which I find slightly amusing. :) As he did not return, I assume that was all he had to say and did not find it worth coming back just to say goodbye.


No more DRC members have been seen in the Cavern at this time, but I’m willing to bet we will see more of them soon enough. In the meantime, I’m off to a Karate black belt ceremony on the surface…