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October 7, 2010

Gandhar’s memorial

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иконииконивикA new Bevin will be opened for a couple of day : Gandhar”s Ghost’s Bevin.

It  will be opened for all people the all days of october 11 and 12.

I didn’t knew Gandhar… but when I read such a event news, I have in mind that he was beloved… If I could went down to the cavern,  I’ll leave a little message, happy to see that after our online life, people keep on thinking of you.

December 16, 2007

Cavern Choir Holiday Concert

Recorded in: Events — Isyldar @ 12:09 pm Cavern Time

Copied from the MO:UL Forums…

Winter Holidays of Renaissance Europe
A Cavern Choir concert

Sunday, December 16, 2007
2:00pm EST / 7:00pm GMT
Eder Delin, GameBoomer’s Bevin

The Renaissance saw an explosion of innovation in all of the fine arts, music chief among them. Composers across Europe explored new expressive possibilities and created exquisite music for their patrons, for their nation, and for their faith. The Cavern Choir presents songs from the period both familiar and rarely performed, in celebration of the winter holidays. Our selection ranges across the European continent, displaying diverse musical styles and traditions, and represents the three major faith traditions for which choral music was written during the period: Catholicism, Protestantism, and Judaism. Come join us as we bring holiday cheer to the Cavern with our rich sound and exciting repertoire! Reserve your ticket now for a concert not to be missed!

Some reviews of our debut concert, A Lover’s Complaint:

“The choir certainly brings ‘class’ to the Cavern!”

“In terms of the singers’ talent, the performance was impervious to harm!”

“That was absolutely amazing. When I started listening to it, my mom had my little sister pause a movie so they could listen too.”

Reserve your ticket before December 12! We look forward to seeing you at our concerts!

Event was posted in the forums, here.
This event was found on the MO:UL Forums Event List.

December 15, 2007

URU Life Discussion Series

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Copied from the MO:UL Forums…

Cavern Manners: How to Act Like a Person When You Are Not One
A Discussion Seminar
Saturday December 15th at 15:00 KI time in K’veer

Everyone learned good manners growing up, but what are “good manners” when you are in the cavern? When do you say hi or wave to another explorer and when can you run past them? How should you behave at public meetings? How and when should you use age chat, buddy chat, hood chat and PM? What things do you apologize for to other explorers?

Come join us for a discussion in K’veer on Saturday Dec. 15th at 15:00 KI time hosted the Society of Anthropologists, Psychologists and Sociologists. There will be no lectures or presentations, just these and more questions with plenty of discussion. We will use a format that gives everyone a chance to speak while everyone else listens.

More event details can be found here.
This event was found on the MO:UL Forums Event List.

November 1, 2007

Rebekah’s Birthday Bash

Recorded in: Events — Isyldar @ 10:19 am Cavern Time

Copied from the MO:UL forums, and specifically, a post by “dodo”…

we will be celebrating rebekah’s birthday on saturday, november 17th starting at 11:00 KI time.
you will have an hour to meet us in the uru obsession bevin then before we move to moonlightshadow’s kadish pyramid at 12:00 KI time where the real party will start. ive been able to get janine to play another of her professional sets so if you missed her on day of dancing, this is your chance! Smile

For more specifics, view the entire thread here.

November 1, 2007

Guild System Meeting

Recorded in: Events — Isyldar @ 10:13 am Cavern Time

Copied from the MO:UL Forums…

“These meetings are aimed at promoting communication and cooperation between the various Guilds. Members of every Guild (or non-Guild) are emphatically encouraged to participate, as are people not affiliated with a Guild.

The meetings are now planned to occur once a month. The 1st Saturday of a month will be the preferred day to hold a meeting, but may be changed so as not to conflict with the times that Episodes are running.”

More detailed information on these meetings, and various logs may be found here.

Scheduled Location: Kirel’s Community Room

November 1, 2007

Guild of Comics: Comedy Night

Recorded in: Events — Isyldar @ 10:09 am Cavern Time

I also found this on the MO:UL Events Announcement .

November 1, 2007

"Seeing the Unseen"

Recorded in: Events — Isyldar @ 10:04 am Cavern Time

The Puzzlers are having a presentation of sorts in UberThend’s Bevin. All are encouraged to attend, if they can make it in! :) This particular group always has something interesting to say, so if you can make it, I’d suggest it.

October 11, 2007

Episode 9: Exodus

Recorded in: Events — Nadnerb @ 6:15 pm Cavern Time

“Exodus” (beginning November 1st)

Destruction is coming. Find a way. Make a home.

The words have been repeated many times. Even while the restoration effort begun again and with the release of new Ages, the words were always said. With the resurrection of the D’ni city, the Guilds, the DRC, and new life filling the cavern again, the words continued to hang in the air above the orange waters.

What do they mean?

While many questions have been answered, there are more that remain. What effect will Cate have on the restoration now that the members of the original restoration team have returned? Where will the Bahro war take us? Is the one who originally spoke the words finished with her part in this grand story?

With the release of the new Age of Ahnonay as well as K’veer Island and Myst Island, there will be changes.

August 26, 2007


Recorded in: Events,News Journal — Isyldar @ 10:11 pm Cavern Time

Putting this out to everyone, so I hope there’s some feedback. :) I would like to get some group photos of the entire gang. The Nadnerb’s Bevin crew, as well as everyone else who’s joined the site since it’s inception.

The plan would be to incorporate as many people as possible into the banner image and/or set up a new Imager on the site for everyone to be a part of. Please help out by using this post as a central comm point for organizing the date / time

I’ve tentatively put this post on the caendar for September 6th, at 7pm KI-time. If anybody can’t make the event, or has another suggestion, comment it in, and we’ll work out what we can!


August 22, 2007

Episode 8: Deception

Recorded in: Events,News Journal — Isyldar @ 7:17 am Cavern Time

Episode Release Date: September 6th, 2007

I realize that there is another entry on this topic, however, I wished to bring these photos to everyone’s attention. :) They haven’t posted any text about the upcoming episode; however, my suspicion is that we’re getting a night-time Relto page, and access to the Guild pubs.

NightTime Relto A Guild Pub?

Edit – Scratch that…this has just been posted:

“Deception” (beginning early September)

Despite the ongoing battles of the Bahro and the threat of the coming war, the DRC continues its efforts to introduce a new Guild system to the cavern. Toward that cause, new Guild pubs are introduced providing Guild members with new areas to congregate and socialize.

Meanwhile, Phil Henderson continues to spread information regarding the Bahro and their conflicts as a former DRC member returns to the cavern. What new information does he have to share and will it lead to salvation or destruction?

Be sure to join in now as this episode serves as a lead-in to the Myst Online: Uru Live Season Finale.