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April 18, 2018

Myst 25th Anniversary Kickstarter

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 6:17 pm Cavern Time

It has been a very long time since last I visited The Cavern, or Myst island, or Riven, Exile, K’veer, and so many more Ages…and it looks like we will all get to visit them again soon! Cyan is rolling out the Writers to dust off the Ages, spruce things up, and provide us some new amazing memorabilia. I mean, who doesn’t want their own MYST book?!?!?!?!

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter page. They’ve still got a few weeks to go before the campaign ends; but you’re going to want to check this out sooner than later!



February 21, 2016

Added SSL to Site

Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 1:37 pm Cavern Time

Hey folks!

I’ve just finished adding SSL Encryption to our site to add that extra layer of security that’s going up everywhere on the internet these days. This will help ensure that passwords are encrypted when submitting them across the internet, among other things. With the way this is set up, you may encounter security warnings on older browsers (like IE on Win XP). Unfortunately there isn’t much to be done about that. (Get a newer / better browser perhaps?) :)



February 7, 2015

Moved Providers & Updated Font

Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 11:21 am Cavern Time

Over the past day, we’ve moved hosting providers for the site, and added an upgrade to the fonts on the site that will now show you the D’ni script whenever you hover over a link! This was something we had enabled long ago, so long as you already had the font installed. Now you don’t have to. :)

Our apologies for any inconvenience that may have come up as a result of moving the site the last 24 hours or so. Things were something of a mess.



November 13, 2011

Returning: Again

Recorded in: Izy's Journal,News Journal — Isyldar @ 3:02 am Cavern Time

икона за подаръкI have caught wind of changes in the Cavern, small though they may be, and decided, once again to venture down to D’ni. It has been so very long since my last visit here. Longer than I had realized it would seem. Nobody has visited Nadnerb’s Bevin since last I did in September of 2010. Not even the man, Nadnerb himself. The place has a feel of abandonment about it. Kind of depressing really.

There are a few other explorers in the Cavern, mostly in Ae’gura, but in a few of the other Bevins as well, according to the Nexus display. I came in search of the changes though, so I didn’t spend much time socializing. Where are they?

It would seem that I neglected to finish Gahreesen whilst I was here last. Something that I must rectify. Hopefully I remembered to bring my notebooks from previous visits. I’ll need them to complete the cycle.

Ah, Gahreesen; despite the stark, military feel to the place, I absolutely love the outdoors here. I’ve read the notes that say the wilderness is something to be avoided, given the creatures that have been witnessed in it, but still…I long for the day when I could explore those woods. Once again, I am waiting atop the first building, for the rotations to align. This jump is always a bit scary. I shall have to use the cloth on the landing to ensure I can come back to the jump point in case I fall.

It took 3 jumps this time. 3! I’m definitely out of practice, if not out of shape. I’m going to have to watch myself, lest I grow careless and do something really stupid. Relto book in-hand, at all times. Check. I must remember to visit Eder Delin before I return to the Surface.

I am so tired, yet still, for all my wanderings, I have neither completed Gahreesen, nor have I found the new Ages that I had heard about. Perhaps they’ve been hidden once more. Sigh. I shall look a little longer before I head back. I did manage to get quite a few good photos in Gahreesen tonight though. That alone, I suppose, made the trip worth it.

Finally, I’ve found one of the Hoods they were talking about: The Fun House. Doesn’t look like it’s seeing much fun at the moment, but it’s getting a few visitors to say the least.

Today’s was a good visit. It’d be nice to see a few more of the old gang return to the Cavern for a game of Heek and some exploration; but I expect it to be a long time in coming if it ever does.

For now, I will myself return to the Surface, and perhaps get some sleep. I’ve completed the primary Ages, and returned the Pillars at the very least. More work remains to be done at a later date, such as the Museum Ages and Ahnonay. But, until then…..



October 7, 2010

Gandhar’s memorial

Recorded in: Events,Natsaka's Journal,News Journal — natsaka @ 11:58 pm Cavern Time

иконииконивикA new Bevin will be opened for a couple of day : Gandhar”s Ghost’s Bevin.

It  will be opened for all people the all days of october 11 and 12.

I didn’t knew Gandhar… but when I read such a event news, I have in mind that he was beloved… If I could went down to the cavern,  I’ll leave a little message, happy to see that after our online life, people keep on thinking of you.

August 29, 2010

User Registration Problems

Recorded in: News Journal,Site News — Isyldar @ 9:40 pm Cavern Time

матрациShorah Everyone,

We’ve had a slight issue with user registrations over the past few weeks that I’ve finally been able to rectify. Unfortunately, as a result, all of those registration requests which were submitted had to be deleted in order to correct the problem. So, if you attempted to sign up for an account this month, and either never received your verification e-mail, or just plain had an issue with registering, please give it a try once more.

If you still can’t get through, please, by all means, drop me an e-mail to isyldar@uruexploration.net, and I will correct any problems manually. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience that may have been caused.



March 21, 2010

Sidebar Tools Tweak

Recorded in: Site News — Isyldar @ 12:14 pm Cavern Time

Just a head’s up for all the new users, and some of the old ones too! I added a link to The Dashboard on the sidebar, so it’d be easier for you to get to the behind-the-scenes tools for the site.



March 18, 2010


Recorded in: Mankoi's Journal — Mankoi @ 11:54 pm Cavern Time

Shorah, all. First entry in new journal.

There’s still so much to do in the cavern. Ahnonay to complete, Eder Delin and Tsogal to complete. Half of the calibration missions still to run. And yet, none of those things really matter when compared to the people who inhabit the Cavern. After a very pleasurable visit to the Cavern today, I was reminded of what makes Uru such a great community.

I regret I don’t have more time to spend on Moula, but whenever I can, I’ll be there. It’s always worth a visit.

February 20, 2010

Long Away

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 6:18 pm Cavern Time

It’s been all of a few days since last I visited the Cavern, but it feels so much longer! I’ll be returning home tomorrow, and Linking back into D’ni at some point Monday I expect.

The Olympics have been great, and the experience amazing. :) I will have a few Imager photos of them to share when I get back. Until then,



February 15, 2010

Linking Dizziness

Recorded in: Izy's Journal — Isyldar @ 11:49 pm Cavern Time

It was a busy night, filled with working on the new Eddie Barricade, or Minefield as Nad put it, a few rounds of Heek, and bouncing back and forth between Neighbourhoods.

The new Eddie barrier: The Eddie Minefield

I was able to get Izy set up in the Sardines’ Bevin, courtesy of Sardine himself ;), and then helped Mel do the same. So far, I’ve only had 1 request for an add to the Canadian’s Bevin, but as it’s hard to keep that Age on the active links in the Nexus, it may be a while before we get more members returning.

I also spent a few hours running around grabbing various Ages so that I’ll be ready for the first game of Sardines! :) It took me a little while, but I now have every common Age from MOUL back in my Relto. I still have some work to do to get the K’veer and MYST Island links back, but I’m sure it won’t be long before I have those too.

At any rate, it’s late, and I’m exhausted from all the exercise tonight. On top of that, I have preparations to make for my surface trip to Vancouver! :)

See you all in a week!